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silver linings for clouds

drop large sheets of silver foil onto clouds from planes
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most clouds are polluted with lead & other such poisonous nasties instead of the lovely silver linings that we have been promised since childhood.

not only would these clouds look staggering beautiful but might reflect some heat and brighten up a cold depressing sky.

po, Dec 26 2001

Glitter cloud seeding http://www.halfbake...20seeding#999676813
[phoenix, Dec 26 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

(?) Glitter cloud seeding http://www.halfbake...ding.html#999676813
[phoenix, Oct 21 2004]


       I'm thinking clanky armour and white chargers and a starry sunset - bliss
po, Dec 26 2001

       car batteries
po, Dec 26 2001

       Solar linings, I love this idea, I'm sure not all clouds have them, but when they do , wow, they would be spectacular. Especially on a frosty full moon.
arora, Dec 26 2001

       with the sun shining?
arora, Dec 26 2001

       How po-etic!

You've got a little problem with gravity to figure out.

Oh, then there's airplanes.

How about seeding clouds with that glow-in-the-dark stuff, so they absorb solar energy during the day, and glow eerily at night (to the consternation of astronomers everywhere).
quarterbaker, Dec 26 2001

       Why stop at silver? (See link)
phoenix, Dec 26 2001

       phoenix, lovely idea - I did not search under culture, as this is an attempted weather idea.
po, Dec 26 2001

       Cost is the biggest demon eh? Perhapse logos are the answer. Nike can put their swoosh on the cloud if they first clean it up. Kind of like an "Adopt A Cloud" project.
ilbake, Dec 29 2001


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