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The Umbrella of Directional Intent

you know... for inclement weather
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Coloured, or to cater for the visually colour deficient, otherwise differentiated, port and starboard LED's to indicate your change of direction, or preferred path, on crowded, rainy streets. Controlled by accelerometers on the brollies' handle, powered manually with a battery backup. Future embodiments could include Phillips Lumilive (tm) infratructure.

Brake lights, reverse lights, left and right indicators are included in the copyright here proposed.

Batteries not included, may conceal nuts.

4whom, Nov 16 2007

Not a picture http://www.navcen.u...es/rules/Rule23.htm
light signals to prevent collisions between umbrellas and supertankers. [moomintroll, Nov 23 2007]


       If any idea warrants a NEJAB tag, it's this one.
globaltourniquet, Nov 16 2007

       Let sleeping leopards lie...
4whom, Nov 16 2007

       [+] Install GPS in the handle, and have the LEDs point to your preferred destination. That would be a REAL homing umbrella.
lostdog, Nov 16 2007

       This idea could only come from a lawyer trying to win a court case or something like that.   

       Moron: "It wasn't my fault officer, I didn't know if the guy in front of me was moving forward or backwards."   

       Officer: "What, are you on drugs or something? I'm revoking your liscense, and I'll be <meow> seeing you in the court of law, son! <Meow!>"
quantum_flux, Nov 17 2007

       <raises head, stretches, yawns, looks about lethargically> you could, put bees in the handle, and such. hm? yes, mm. strawberries... <head descends, closes eyes, purrs>
theleopard, Nov 22 2007

       //inclement weather// you mean when unsuitable for marmalade?
marklar, Nov 22 2007

       Spurn the umbrella and just walk faster. You'll arrive sooner, often less wet, and not have to deal with a great dripping cumbersome absurdity for the rest of the day.
Texticle, Nov 22 2007

       Aw, I really like this. However, for full effect I think we need to refer to the light signals for shipping. I will find a link.   

       [later]... bah, struggling to find a decent picture. However, I'm wondering whether an umbrella would count under current rules as a wing-in-ground craft? [linky]
moomintroll, Nov 23 2007

danman, Apr 20 2009


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