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singles virtual sex bar

RealityCyber sex for the next generation....
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My idea is for a large bar, openly planned, with some split levels. Usual dj and flattering lighting, but each table is equipped with an LAN enabled computer. protruding from the middle of each table is a lampost like sign, which displays 5 feet above the heads of the tables occupants, lit up and showing four directions, the table number. Tables of guys, girls, couples .etc. can enjoy a drink whilst anonamously sending messages to other tables. people will be encouraged not to reveal there identities untill shortly before closing, though if they do, they are forgiven. What ensues is a delectable coctail of eyeing up, internet chat room type messaging, flirting, detective work etc.meet you in the bathroom messages, perhaps.... seen as us young folk are so fond of our internet, yet still somehow retain a nostalgic fondness for actually getting it on and with more open minded relationships, computer literate good looking people and nerds with hideous amounts of money ,etc are on the rise i think this Bar would work a treat...There is something classically arousing and exciting about the mystery love letter/note that i think could be more exploited in this day and age in an intergrated social enviorment. thought about it for a couple of years ago. someones gonna do it and it will be pretty cool...(maybe they have already...?) might i add, people wont have to get so shit faced drunk just to chat to someone in the room... they might become quite intellectual and interesting places... nice!
Mikeynyuk, Mar 25 2005


       ISTR there was a brief craze for telephone bars in the 90s -- cocktail bar with a telephone on each table, call up to chat to whoever catches your eye...
JKew, Mar 25 2005

       Interesting idea. I prefer bars without computers, but that's just me.
wagster, Mar 26 2005

       A virtual single-sex bar? Sounds a terrible idea.
hippo, Mar 26 2005

       In general, I believe this is the wave of the future. American gay men already largely meet by the Internet (been to a gay bar recently? they're empty in my city) and if they could meet by Internet *and* be out with their friends I think that would be a plus for them. Additionally, people are more adventurous and open online than they are in person (too many body-image hangups, I think) so the combination of the two might be uniquely exciting.   

       Not that I personally think willy-nilly fornication is a *good* thing for society, but I'm leaving my morality out of this and giving it a [+].
justibone, Mar 27 2005

       aw c,mon...... willy nilly fornication is not only good for society. its societies only redeeming feature(sure, ye, couple of other minor good features, like rape stopping policemen and free indian food festivals....)   

       but if you want to know whats REALLY,REALLY bad for society(and i know you were only kidding justibone. Its repression! yip,one of my Michael Jackson hyphotisies is that he was repressed as a child, understood that and tried to teach some kids a thing or two about sex, maybe watch a bitta porn, so that they wouldnt end up as fucked up as he was.   

       Now.....repression evil, nice hot open liberal internet dating fun nueron stimulating sexy bars, where you may actually ...score, cause theres a system in place to help you do just that... that, my friends, is not only good,its salvation.   

       salvation from people getting fucked up on drugs and alchol just so they can approach another they are attracted to sexually(or otherwise) what a joke. try this. go to a club or a bar and see how many of there face blokes are stumbling around, walking up to women who are forced to repel these near coatic, (by now vile creatures.... no,no,no, my bar will fly and the world will be a calmer, happier and sober place...(bit like Canada)... well hopefully.
Mikeynyuk, Mar 28 2005

       by the way, JUSTIBONE, i think you have a point. The Gay scene could be the very people who take this on. Gay culture is streets ahead of ours (im straight) in many areas. wearing clothes that are interesting... well were catching up a little now(and ye did go too far at times...) but, ye, you guys did it. Open sexual reltionships that work, you guys are doing... could save alot of marraiges if we (those of planet straight) took a leaf outta that book, respect to the Queens!
Mikeynyuk, Mar 28 2005

       Oh, for the love of mike! There are already internet singles meety places and there are already singles bars (shudder), these are bad enough. There is also every other place in the entire world where people can meet other people using standard communication (i.e. speech and body language), flirt if they want to, and then shag later if they like each other. This whole process of meeting, finding out, of titillation, of will-he-won’t-he is half the point, isn’t it? Why do you even want to constrict this fun into a format where everyone present is there for a specific purpose removing all spontaneity and suspense? Why type messages to someone sitting a few feet away instead of going over and talking to them?   

       Sitting in a grim meat market sending messages to other desperates incapable of holding a conversation sounds not the slightest bit delectable or classically arousing.
squeak, Mar 29 2005

       Well, squeak, I think you have to approach it from the "loser" point-of- view to catch the true beauty.   

       The point is, most guys who go to bars WANT to hook up, but FAIL. There is a huge ego payoff to succeeding, but one doesn't succeed very often. A methodology that reduces the risk of "losing face" while increasing the chances of an ego-gratifying one- night-fluid-swap is a potentially valuable idea.   

       <begin preaching> As for willy-nilly fornication, I've tried it and I just don't think its good for people. True intimacy comes from knowing and trusting and CARING, and I never gave two licks of a rat's twat for any skeazy sleaze I tagged for the sake of tagging. I sincerely regret the fornications of my youth, and if any youths are reading this, do as I say and not as I did, because the way I once lived has harmed me. </preaching>
justibone, Mar 29 2005

       You have a winning name for a candy bar there, if you can fit "extreme" in somewhere.
Worldgineer, Mar 29 2005

       As for willy-nilly fornication, I've tried it and can highly recommend it as long as you are responsible (physically and emotionally). I think it's very good for sensible people. True intimacy does indeed come from knowing and trusting and caring, but shagging someone you rather like for the sake of shagging can also be great if both of the shaggers know what's going on. I do not regret the fornications of my youth in any way, and if any youths or girls are reading this, I say, do as you damn well like because the way I once lived has absolutely no bearing on how you should live.
squeak, Mar 30 2005

       Technology to assist people communicate. Nice.   

       You HAVE to communicate before you start to fornicate, you know.
neelandan, Mar 30 2005

       P.S. But please, pleeeaaase choose partners that you have met in the real world and that you already know you like. It doesn't have to be a one night fluid-swap (as so delightfully put by my esteemed colleague above). In fact no fluid whatsoever should be swapped (er...apart from saliva).
squeak, Mar 30 2005

       Don't they pretty much do this sort of thing in ye olde far east?
k_sra, Mar 30 2005

       <shagger to shaggee>wanna shag?
<shaggee to shagger>yes please

       That's it. The communication need not be verbal, however.
neelandan, Mar 31 2005

       The problem with bars is that you have to shout all the time to be heard, and if you happen te be tall you are always a foot away from everyone's head. it least with this idea your conversations aren't always "what did you say?" "what?"
RBStimers, Mar 31 2005


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