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smart touch screen band aids (plasters)

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after almost severing my right thumb this week (well the tip of it any way), I have realised how wonderful our opposable thumbs are in every day life.

however when it comes to smart screens, I can't actually do very much with my digit covered in elastoplast.

the resistive type touch screens are fine, the problem is with the capacitive screens - I already possess a pair of gloves which allow you to use these screens when its cold so applying that technology to an elastoplast should be quite easy...

po, Aug 21 2012

Hydrocolloid Adhesive Bandages http://lifehacker.c...anization/gallery/1
Second photo in gallery. Not sure what brands might exist in the UK... [Canuck, Aug 22 2012]

Here you go, po! http://www.elastopl...nvisible-protection
Elastoplast Brand! [Canuck, Aug 22 2012]

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       Put the glove on over the elastoplast ?   

8th of 7, Aug 21 2012

       Get well soon, [po].
Vernon, Aug 21 2012

       thanks [Vernon]
po, Aug 21 2012

       Ouch! Sounds awful, hope you heal quickly.
(+) for a reminder of the digital elite's everyday vulnerabilities.
jutta, Aug 21 2012

       Feel better soon, Po.   

       Yes, this would be a great help to many. I would be able to start texting and driving again much sooner.
sartep, Aug 22 2012

       The capacitance wouldn't transfer well through the pad, but could conduct easily along a conductive surface to the part that sticks to your skin.
scad mientist, Aug 22 2012

       Apparently, there are bandages out there that do work with such screens! - link
Canuck, Aug 22 2012

       I wonder why the advertisement doesn't mention it.
po, Aug 23 2012

       I thought this idea would be for band aids for touch screens, i.e. for when you damage the touch screen.
hippo, Aug 23 2012

       //I suspect the sticking point is going to be the cotton pad that goes between the elastic outer covering and the skin.//   

       Not sure if you've ever seen an actual adhesive bandage before, [21Q], but that's the only point that /doesn't/ stick.   

       Hope your thumb is feeling a bit better, [po].
ytk, Aug 23 2012

       //I wonder why the advertisement doesn't mention it//   

       I imagine the manufacturers aren't even aware these bandages can do that. It's not as if that would have been part of their original design process.   

       <NOT overheard at Elastoplast R&D meeting: "We need a product that is waterproof, flexible, promotes healing, and reduces scarring. But more importantly, let's make sure it works with all these new touch screen devices!">
Canuck, Aug 23 2012

       if they read this - they will...
po, Aug 23 2012

       How about putting a resistive layer underneath the capacitive layer? That way the screen will respond whether you poke it with a pen top or swipe it gently with a finger.
pocmloc, Aug 23 2012

       I like it when you talk dirty...
po, Aug 23 2012

       never mind that the tip of the finger is <ouch> a bit sensitive to pressure. she? who? the cat's mother! LOL
po, Aug 23 2012

       [XXI Quaesitio]: That was an attempt at humor, not a serious criticism of your point (whatever your point may have been).   

       See cuz you said sticking point and you meant it metaphorically and I took it literally but the whole bandage sticks except for the cotton part which doesn't stick so that's why I said it was the only part that doesn't stick and maybe you'd never seen a bandage before if you didn't know that and never mind I'll just go hang out over there for a while okay.
ytk, Aug 23 2012

       {BUN} for Electroplast. [po] What is it that requires so much thumb? (Index finger's more usual for pointing at touch screens) Zooming in/out of images?
Dub, Aug 26 2012

       (+) If it hurts to go like that, I really wish you wouldn't go like that [po].   

       [21_Quest] I use my index finger(s). (often only one. Not always for the reason you're imagining)
Dub, Aug 27 2012


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