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playwriting for short films
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a type of website where you submit your scripts to and then other people can act it out. could also have preferances, like if you want a man falling from a subway seat you can specify ideal location, like europe or any other preferance you might have, like if he should be wearing a yellow sweater.
remzy, Aug 23 2011


       Clothing is a location? I thought it was a wardrobe department responsibility.   

       Cool idea. [+]
Alterother, Aug 23 2011

       edited because of what -Alterother said. thanks for pointing it out m8 ^^,
remzy, Aug 23 2011

       [+] the idea... do they use capital letters in Scandinavia ?
FlyingToaster, Aug 23 2011

       Actually, I was openly mocking you, but you're welcome anyway!
Alterother, Aug 23 2011

       halfbakery: a type of wabsite where you submit your ideas to and then other people correct your spelling and grammar, and then make awkward non-sequiturs.
sninctown, Aug 23 2011

       That sounds about right.
Alterother, Aug 24 2011

       @alterother; hm, did not get that.. but then i'm still in my training shoes when it comes to internet irony *blush*   

       thx for baking, friends ^^,   

       the lack of capital letters i think comes from my damned htc, witch always engages shift after a dot. sorta makes me forget to hit shift when writing otherwize, but i hope you can still read it.. plus i am a foreigner, and clearly i dont even speak the language properly ;) had i had the knowledge and bandwith to set up websites i would probably make it, but i cant be bothered to get up from the couch to aquire said knowledge, so i'm gonna make some toast instead   

       lol@sninctown, funny as hell man :D
remzy, Aug 24 2011

       // i am a foreigner, and clearly i dont even speak the language properly //   

       Don't worry; there are Americans and Australians on this site too, both of whom suffer from the same problem ...   

       "America: a proud nation of some 300 million people, not one of whom can pronounce the word "Aluminium" correctly."
8th of 7, Aug 24 2011

       boy [8th]do you really don't hate Americans as much as you hate cats? I am one who can say Al-U-min-EUM! My ex-boss was a millionaire who's great grandfather invented the stuff (of foil )and we weren't allowed to say *tin foil* in his presence.
xandram, Aug 24 2011

       // really don't hate Americans //   

       Only the uncultured and uneducated ones. Oh, wait ...
8th of 7, Aug 24 2011

       dont hate on americans because they speak funny, they dont know any better.. appears xandram is one of the better of them, who know and can
remzy, Aug 24 2011

       Must be that element found in the same mines as Molybdenium and Lanthanium.   

       Given the vast number of unrecognizeable accents on your two tiny islands, I don't hold plausible that the English have exactly learned to speak, either. I'll go have a cu' o' tea now.
RayfordSteele, Aug 24 2011


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