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A website where people post whenever something works fine
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I got to work safely today. My oven worked and I cooked vegan burgers and ate them with tomato sauce and bread. I got a promotion at work today. I travelled by train and the train was on time.

You would only be allowed to post good news of things going properly well.

chronological, Sep 13 2022

https://tenor.com/v...s-fine-gif-24177057 [a1, Sep 13 2022]

for 2fries link_20to_20Halfbak...ance_3a_20Halfbaker
link to link to Halfbakery: Remembrance: Halfbaker [Loris, Sep 13 2022]

List of physical constants https://en.wikipedi..._physical_constants
A less than wise man once said, "just give me 15 minutes with the source code of the universe" [Voice, Sep 16 2022]

https://en.wikipedi...all_possible_worlds [a1, Sep 16 2022]


       But that's boring because it doesn't provide useful information. Exceptional performance is useful information as is poor performance. "I opened a can of beans and all I found inside was beans" is the expected state of things. A human is a being of limited attention and
Voice, Sep 13 2022

       The newspapers of Utopia, he had long ago decided, would be terribly dull.
—Arthur C. Clarke, 2001: A Space Odyssey

       Even so, it can be comforting for some to remind themselves they've had a good day. It's just as easy to become habituated to happiness as it is to depression.   

       It just takes practice.
a1, Sep 13 2022

       Does the category read:   

... self-help
... sex
... sign
... slang
... smoking
... social escape
... song lyrics
... subtitles
... superhero

       ...for anybody else or is it just me?   

       It's been doing that for a while 2fries, I think jutta had a conversation about the UI recently and tweaked it.
(edit: Yes, see link.)
Loris, Sep 13 2022

       What if the site is broken?
RayfordSteele, Sep 14 2022

       Ah... yes... I've been somewhat preoccupied, and change is the only constant.   

       It does make one want to wade into archives doesn't it?   


       The category subtitles made me want to construct a story out of them.   

       Beginning with self-help sex, and ending with the song lyrics of a superhero, it almost writes itself. But I'm pretty sure it's been written before. "Adrian Mole: The Hollywood Treatment"   

       But wait - with the change of category, a new story emerges. Question: is the match going to connect the photo and the map, or to set fire to one or other of them?
pertinax, Sep 14 2022

       I opened this URL in a browser and it loaded fine. I read the words and they made coherent sentences. There was the usual image of a half-croissant in the top left corner. The submission text box and "ok" button operated as expected. There were no visible dead pixels or other unexpected features in the display screen of my device. The muscles in my fingers operated as usual to type this message. All of the letters of the alphabet were present (though I didn't need to use them all) and all were the shape and form I expected. When I breathed in, the air was composed of the correct proportions of gases. All physical constants remained constant.
pocmloc, Sep 15 2022

       //All physical constants remained constant.//   

       Which one could change and I would still be able to read that?
Voice, Sep 15 2022

       This is an idea about posting positive accounts of ordinary things, not speculating on what could go wrong.
pocmloc, Sep 16 2022

       Yes but this is a meta conversation.
Voice, Sep 16 2022

       The meta conversation is going very well, everyone is in agreement and is enjoying the interaction.
pocmloc, Sep 16 2022

       Okay, but which physical constants can be changed safely? I've looked at some of them, and let me tell you, they all look pretty serious.
Voice, Sep 16 2022

       // which physical constants can be changed safely? //   

       All of them, for some predefined value of safe.
a1, Sep 16 2022

       None of the physical constants have changed recently. As a result I'm not on fire, disintegrating, flying away from the earth, dying of DNA damage, or otherwise suffering terribly. Furthermore I'm almost certain I still exist.
Voice, Sep 16 2022

       I find it hard to believe human suffering is inherently good in any way, or that all of the rich variety of suffering our world provides creates greater good for each instance of it. I also reject the idea that free will makes it necessary for evil to happen to people. That there are harms not caused by other humans doesn't need to be argued.
Voice, Sep 16 2022

       Leibniz maybe didn't have the vocabulary to frame it as anything other than good & evil, but it comes down to the same thing as the physical constants: the universe as a whole can't be anything other than what it is.   

       Reality is indifferent. How you deal with your part of it is entirely up to you.
a1, Sep 16 2022

       Hear hear.   

       Whilst this is a very positive idea, there needs to be a follow up because everything does not go fine forever. So the train was on time one day but it was not on time the next day. My oven worked but I’ve burnt the supper. So while one thing may be good the other thing may not be good.
xandram, Sep 19 2022


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