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split region settings for google search

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As default google sets your region to whereever you are currently located, hoping to deliver news relevant to where you currently are. while this is great for looking for local stores, i tend to be more globally focussed when searching for almost any other kind of information. unfortunately i world war 3 could be going on and google will still prioritze vancouver canucks scores and that its Michael j. Fox's birthday.

It would be good if google alowed more ganualr control over what information you recive is local and what information is global.or if you are an expat, perhaps you could choose for results to be predominat between where youre from and where you are now.

P.S this is about the 10th idea ive had that has been adopted by a tech company so i hope google thows me a bone for this.

bob, Apr 29 2018


       I also hope that google will thow you a bone for more ganualr control.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 29 2018

       I do like this. I don't search for the same kinds of things between work and home, but keeping two google accounts is a pain, honestly.
RayfordSteele, Apr 29 2018

       I just visit the search engine duckduckgo.com when google is obviously localizing too much. Duckduckgo says they do not track you, which I interpret as not bothering to know where you are.   

       I have not tried it but I hear it also indexes .onion (Tor browser) domains.
beanangel, Apr 30 2018

       I'd be interested in a more general "google counterfactuals" option. For example, "Please search *as if* I were in Montparnasse, ten years older and had never clicked on those links about weedkiller."   

       It would make a great low-cost, eco-friendly, digital-age substitute for travelling the world and meeting new people.
pertinax, May 05 2018


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