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Targeted Advertising

Advertising on targets
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This is an idea for advertising in video games where the advertisements come up as targets that you can aim at and blow apart. This would encourage people to look at them which is the problem with most online advertising, that smart people learn to guide their eye contact away from it, otherwise, Yahoo. This would also satisfy the large number of people with grey area social disabilities such as myself who spend a greater percentage of their time online and thus feel more violated by the invasiveness of online advertising because it would allow us to practice our active shooter skills on each advertisement.
JesusHChrist, Feb 13 2015

prior art commercial_20gaming
this basic idea also mentioned in this, my, idea [zeno, Feb 13 2015]


       Kaaaboom, Viagra. + Yay.
blissmiss, Feb 13 2015

       This is the last line of my idea, it will serve as annotation here:   

       The big question is: would Coca Cola pay to have lots of logos in the game for you to shoot(and thus you look at it and look for it untill the logo is fried into your brain) or would they pay for you to shoot up Pepsi logos?
zeno, Feb 13 2015

       I think I would like to start a crowdfunding to reward people for shooting monsanto logos.
zeno, Feb 13 2015


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