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spot prize

An obscure subtle anomaly is inserted in advert, first to mention correctly wins. Tail of advert campaign wags.
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Currently there is an advert playing where a bunch of a certain manufacturer's vehicle model meeting at the top of a mountain and line up side by side so drivers can talk to each other through the cab windows. The camera view shoots through the drivers side window, down through he line, framing multiple vehicles and their drivers at once, in the background, There is two possible directions for this shot from each vehicle.

What I propose is a visual anomaly. In one direction, one of the far backgrounded drivers is bearded but in the other the same driver is clean shaven. An on purpose mistake.

When the ad hits the airways, all the vehicle dealers are ready and waiting. If joe/jane public is first to mention the anomaly to one of the dealers, the prize is won. Publicity can then amp up about the clever win and interest the rest of the public to watch the ad more closely. The advert gets a second wind on it's bought allotted broadcast spend.

This is a hidden prize and someone may never win if too subtle. If too obvious, win mechanics may be down to how the anomaly is mention to parties involved. Anomaly has to be mentioned to counter staff for example.

This 'be aware' game is not limited to the visual but could involve music, mis-quotes, any subtly hidden clear factual discontinuity. Hopefully this advert technique will become a wide spread and the general public will be looking at more detail in their daily lives.

The key to this idea though, is keeping the secret so it can be found.

wjt, Jan 27 2021

Here you go. http://www.perthvoice.com/voice.pdf
Actually, I'm not sure Braddock's Dispensary is a restaurant. But anyway, there it is. [pertinax, Jan 27 2021]

Agloe https://en.wikipedi...iki/Agloe,_New_York
" ...a fictional hamlet in ... Delaware County, New York..." [8th of 7, Jan 27 2021]

The Framley Examiner http://www.framleyexaminer.com/
Frighteningly realistic. [8th of 7, Jan 27 2021]

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       In my local freesheet there's a fake ad each week, and if you spot it you get a chance to win a free meal at a local restaurant. Although this idea is *slightly* different from that, it's not very different.
pertinax, Jan 27 2021

       In dictionaries these fake entries are called Mountweazels
hippo, Jan 27 2021

       // Maps and other reference works //   

       Copyright traps in maps are called "trap streets" or sometimes "Agloe" <link>.   

       //In my local freesheet there's a fake ad each week, //   

       An idea taken to its extreme conclusion in the small ads pages of the Framley Examiner ... <link>
8th of 7, Jan 27 2021

       [+] Interesting concept, [wjt], though the successful implementation would require that we all watch more television. [-]
whatrock, Jan 27 2021

       The winner will be someone using an autocompare pulling the images straight from the feed, on the phone with his friend who is already waiting at the dealership.
Voice, Jan 27 2021

       [pertinax] [Voice] Nobody public knows a head of time,   

       The winners would have to be auto-comparing all television adverts. Also, it might not even be the dealer you have to mention it to. The rules are with the prize staker and it becomes public after someone has won. After which word of mouth can inform everyone the missed discrepancy.   

       [whatrock] Television is not the only medium for advertisements.
wjt, Jan 28 2021


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