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steam powered wolf suit

A warm and furry exoesqueleton
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I saw wolftronix wolf costume and went into rapture. Now imagine having, not only an expresive servoed tail and a wet nose, but a powered exoesqueleton under all that beautiful fur. Ah, to be able to run again, and under a werewolf skin ! . With enhanced senses, so I don't need those (deleted) glasses ! . I guess there are already some servoed exoesqueletons, at least in the experimental stage, but they must be UGLY for sure. Nothing wolf-like at all. But then, anything servoed must be battery powered and forcibly limited in range. We could rig an IC engine running a generator, but the noise and complication of it all ! . Now, a small steam turbine could run a generator very efficiently . A german firm, Enginion, has this steam generator that's small and extremely efficient (Skoda tested it on a car) Combine both and you will have a long range servoed wolf suit. Or, even simpler, and therefore better, perhaps steam cylinders could replace the suit's "muscles" ! . Electronic sensors at the joints will adquire the necessary data to actuate the suits "muscles". And last but not least, the furry cover and the steam generator will keep you warm on artic climates. Air conditioning will have to be rigged for the tropics, though. Or perhaps...a seal costume?.
finflazo, May 02 2004



       2 fries : Exoskweliton : what is outside the skweliton. Don't worry, someday I'll learn proper englhix.
finflazo, May 02 2004

       I wanna wolf costume with wagging tail !.
finflazo, May 02 2004

       if only I understood this, I am sure I would approve.
po, May 14 2004

       (po) It's more of the "tails for all" idea, but complicated.
finflazo, May 14 2004

       doomed then! shame, thought it was different.
po, May 14 2004

       I want a space marine terminator armor more than a wolf suit, but the same principles apply. Anyway, you'd be better off with a gas turbine and using compressed air with "air muscles" see www.shadow.org.uk/products/airmuscles.shtml but don't buy their crap make your own dammit!
fenn, May 16 2004

       (fenn) OK, let's compromise : A space marine reminator armor but with a gigantic cibernetic wolf tail, powered by a gas turbine that moves steam mucles. Then we cram higly compressed helium allover, to make it lighter...
finflazo, May 16 2004


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