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Power pants and power shirt

with pulling chords only, empower your legs or arms.
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A motor pulls a chord along the front of each leg (or releases it). When pulled it assists the leg pushing down.

This is good for sitting down -- by releasing slowly

for remaining seated -- by holding on at one position

or for going up steps or riding a bicycle -- empowered by an electric motor, and a battery in a backpack (easily carried because your front leg muscles are being assisted.

The chord is connected to "suspenders" type of strap and to boot straps or to the shoe itself.

Same for your arms, and shoulders. The chords help you pick up things or release them. A chord across your elbow would help you push or punch.

pashute, Oct 21 2012


pocmloc, Oct 21 2012

       You'd need a power tie to really make a statement, me thinks.
blissmiss, Oct 21 2012

       Baked: look up powered exoskeletons.
mitxela, Oct 21 2012

       what's a "chord" ?
FlyingToaster, Oct 22 2012

       Where's the battery pack?   

       Exoskeletons are a staple of Science Fiction, and are starting to become baked in the real world. At the moment they either involve a huge battery pack (larger than a person could carry unsupported) or a tethered power supply.   

       Also, there's a small problem with using an cord but no frame, which is that your power is severely limited by the limits of the underlying muscular/skeletal systems. This isn't unsolvable, but since humans can already exert enough force to damage said systems (strained muscles, even broken bones, typically under stress), the actual utility of this is going to be very limited.
MechE, Oct 22 2012


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