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sticky stopper

sticks around, easily found
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Apparently widely used (in some form) in the automotive industry, a magnetic plug/stopper would be a great addition to most bathrooms.

The little chains supplied with most drain plugs/stoppers are fragile and easily pulled apart, most kids enjoy doing exactly that and using the chain as a toy.

With a magnetic plug (and normal metal drainage adapters/pipework), the plug would not only do a better job of blocking the drain, it would also have the ability to be stuck onto the surface of the bathtub/sink/taps/mirror/other metal fixing, keeping it safe and secure where it belongs.

Not an overwhelming idea, but a small improvement that could be easily made and widely deployed.

MikeHolio, Sep 15 2003

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       My sink and taps are plastic :(
Katt, Sep 15 2003

       As Katt said, a great majority of fixtures are not, nor have they ever been, magnetic. Speaking from my own experience, I don't even have anything remotely magnetic with which to stick a stopper after using it. Still, I can't knock the validity of such a device; there's some use for it somewhere. Croissant.
Utah, Sep 16 2003

       Thanks for the positive comments - I didn't realise that there would be bathrooms without magentic elements, but that's my limited experience showing through.
MikeHolio, Sep 16 2003


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