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stir top pan

revultizing simmering as we know it
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A sauce pan that has a lid with special spoon like stirs built into the bottom. So the next time your are simmering a sauce you don’t have to take the lid off to stir it you simply turn the lid thereby string the sauce with the spoons on the bottom of the lid
vivaelryan, Aug 18 2002

Same problem, slightly different solution. http://www.halfbake...tirring_20Stovetops
[jutta, Aug 18 2002]

Maybe like this. http://whirleypop.125west.com/
Seems pretty close. [half, Aug 18 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       excuse the spelling
vivaelryan, Aug 18 2002

jutta, Aug 18 2002

       vivaelryan, here are the substitute words, with an echo.
Revolutionizing {revultizing}. A sauce {sause} pan that has a lid with {whith} special {specal} spoon-like stirrers {sturs} built into the bottom. So, {comma} the next time you {your} are simmering {simmiring} a sauce {sause}, you don't {dont} have to take off the lid to stir {stur} it. {full stop/period} You simply turn the lid, {comma} thereby stirring {sturing} the sauce {sause} with {whith} the spoons on the bottom of (wo} the lid.

I have a question: Does your school use "Hooked on phonics?"
thumbwax, Aug 18 2002

       It looks like english isn't this guy's first language, so as far as I'm concerned, excused.
yamahito, Aug 18 2002

       im a bad speller... give me a break im 13 - from bibealryun's profile
thumbwax, Aug 18 2002

       No offense toward [vivaelryan] intended, but what's being 13 got to do with being a bad speller?
half, Aug 18 2002

       i was a perfect speller at 13.
thackery, Sep 01 2002


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