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stochastic chess

throw a dice to see if queen really takes pawn
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Just like normal chess, except that when one piece takes another piece, the result of the 'battle' isn't guaranteed. In other words, if you try and take a pawn with a queen, the queen has a (small) chance of losing. The outcome of each battle could be decided using plain ordinary dice, taking into account the relative values of the pieces.

(inspired by Fog Of War Chess)

bumhat, Oct 13 2005

ARCHON! http://www.infinite...hots_OSX/Archon.png
What [phundug]'s talking about. I used to love this game! [AfroAssault, Oct 13 2005]


       Mortal Kombat ventured within the realm of this idea with Chess Kombat (or some shit like that). When a piece attacked another piece, a fight would ensue. The stronger piece would have more life, whereas the weaker piece would be easier to kill. Attacking pieces would get additional life (since they're attacking after all). The game sucked (mostly because the movement barely resembled chess), but it had good intentions behind it. Otherwise, I like this.
AfroAssault, Oct 13 2005

       wandering into role playing game territory here - where's aristotle when you need him? I quite like it though.
po, Oct 13 2005

       There was also an old Commodore 64 game called Archon, where you'd have to arcade-style fight the piece you wished to capture. Pawns were the weakest, wielding only clubs, but the queen (wizard, actually) had really fast fireballs.   

       Pieces that sustained damage had less life remaining from then on, though they stayed on the board.
phundug, Oct 13 2005


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