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strawberry space load launcher

long throw air gun starts in the deep sea
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Loads to space start their trip deep under the sea. The loads are shot out of a tube of ferro cement at a 20 degree angle. The strawberry can be protected from bruising with this system because the air pressure and velocity is graduated over a four mile run out the tubes barrel. A blimp hybrid barrel holds the section which is above sea level. At the point of departure from the muzzle the speed may be from 2-6,000 mph. But humans need low g forces, raw materials needed to suppress asteroid material may want to be staged at the ready. The system uses the tripe methods of air compression at sea, which is to carry air to depth using green systems. Cows in space are within our grasp.
Steven J Scannell, Dec 31 2010

Cow jumped over the moon. http://cyclingauckl...mped-over-the-moon/
Judging by proportions the cow was not in space and the moon was against the horizon. [rcarty, Dec 31 2010]

I knew I'd read something similar to this here. elevator2
No strawberrys though. [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jan 02 2011]


       I was just going to post this very idea. Now, I wonder what the hell I was thinking.
Boomershine, Dec 31 2010

       I was watching the TV today and the asteroid issue loomed heavy on me. This to me is a serious idea, half baked? You'd have to see my notes on it, I suppose. But I did spend some time on this project, and do have much rough sketch work to back it up, as a concept. The system would not be expensive to build really.
Steven J Scannell, Dec 31 2010

       Is the strawberry the payload, the projectile or part of the launching system?   

       What is the connection between strawberries and asteroids?   

       What is the "tripe" method of air compression?
pertinax, Dec 31 2010

       tripe usually starts with a trip.   

       just think of the damage a strawberry could do in space & never mind all those high velocity pips.
po, Dec 31 2010

       //Cows in space//

please, please, please illustrate this concept
Voice, Dec 31 2010

       1. The cows are on the earth.   

       2. The earth is in space.   

       3. Therefore, the cows are in space.
pocmloc, Dec 31 2010

       1. The sailors are in the submarine.
2. The submarine is in the ocean.
3. Therefore, the sailors are in the ocean.

       I tend to agree with this holistic cosmology, but Space is generally regarded as a place absent of dense matter, so a line can be quite reasonably be drawn between Earth and Space
rcarty, Dec 31 2010

       Truck drivers know the most sensitive cargo is strawberries, because they bruise easily and require better truck suspension. Hence the name. The control in one system, or of such an extreme high speed launcher, to either send up hard materials, (for satellites or to build bases on the moon), or life, (such as humans or cows or strawberries) is unique. We need to launch tonnage inexpensively, environmentally. If we are to be ready for an asteroid this is important. The Tripe System Report gives us a look at the future of energy systems, www.environmentalfisherman.com It's only 11 pages and illustrated. The easy way to compress air is to drag it to depth at sea, using wind and wave and other forms of green energy. Tripe stands for Track Pipe or the new energy utility and transportation conduit system. I see a farm in a crater on the moon. Can you see hauling up a kit farm to the moon with our current gear? I can not. So there is no question of the need here. I have many illustrations and am now scanning them all, so I can put them "out there".
Steven J Scannell, Jan 01 2011

       // launch tonnage inexpensively, environmentally. //   

       Why "launch" it ? Why not just use a forced quantum singularity as an energy source to drive a matter transporter ?   

       You'll bankrupt your elves hauling stuff to orbit with Newtonian reaction drives.   

       // If we are to be ready for an asteroid this is important. //   

       No, it's not. What is most important is for your species to stop squabbling amongst yourselves and then build a base on your moon and set up some decent SpaceGuard systems. The last few times something nearly sideswiped your miserable little planet, you only noticed it when it was either right on top of you, or had actually gone past as a "near miss". Sheesh ....
8th of 7, Jan 02 2011

       I guess it's not enough that I have been confined to the Milky Way Galaxy. I have been forced to contend with the humans who find it difficult, very difficult to even try to put a few cows up on the moon. What's next? Life is rough; how I suffer.
Steven J Scannell, Jan 02 2011

       We feel your pain, brother. They're hopeless, aren't they ? Boring, self-obsessed petty little no-marks ...   

       But soooo much fun to watch when they screw up, and they start to fight amongst themselves. An ant's nest on a sunny day, and a nice big magnifying glass, is quite entertaining, but nothing like this lot.
8th of 7, Jan 02 2011

       While the strawberry is travelling at escape velocity speeds, what prevents it from being frozen / burnt / whatever high-speed atmospheric effects you so choose?
RayfordSteele, Jan 03 2011

       A thick layer of clotted cream.
pocmloc, Jan 03 2011

       Benthic Upwelling Load Laucher - Supplying Huge Initial Thrust
lurch, Jan 03 2011

       The space vehicles would differ depending on the cargo. Humans, cows, strawberries could ride in a climate controlled unit and hard durable good could go up in another cheaper rocket ship. There is a need to throw up lots of gear to get the space era going, no? So when we use a simple, cheap, compressed air driven sea based launcher we simply break the blimp connection, load the cargoes down the barrel and to holding, then send up loads, rockets. It's just a really good booster system. That is all it is. It has the ability to fire with lots of power, more that humans or cows or strawberries could bear up under. Sheet aluminum, water, plastics such as epoxies, all this sort of stuff can get sent up hard and fast and will not be damaged. I believe we need to conserve water in space, using closed systems to use our bio products to for instance grow bamboo for structural purposes.
Steven J Scannell, Jan 04 2011

       well... your pipe isn't going any further than 30mi up no matter what you do, and escape-velocity is 25,000 mi/hr. We like to pretend we adhere to at least *some* of the laws of physics, here.   

       Space Bamboo would/will get my vote if posted. [edit: posted]
FlyingToaster, Jan 04 2011

       Will there be space pandas as well?
pocmloc, Jan 04 2011

       The Strawberry Space Load Launcher system does allow for the future of bamboo in space, no doubt about that, due to the quantities of water and resins needed to formulate bamboo structures, not to mention aluminum sheathing. Bamboo is the space material of the future, and like the rhubarb at home it can be made to reach for the sun to grow the fibers longer. Pandas eat quite a bit of bamboo, but may or may not be as suited to the space program as our standard cows, of which we are familiar. Panels and pipes are easy with the bamboo fiber. And the waste from the harvest just gets composted. There may be soil building components on the moon that are cheaper to transport, and from asteroids, much iron, But the cows may be better than pandas at CO2 production for the plants, tomato, strawberry, bamboo, grass, plankton etc.   

       I thought a four mile long throw, or barrel would be about right. The out of water end would want to be light but stiff. The alternative would be to build with steel and cement using a doughnut vessel where the barrel would come up through. Going up and down will cost money. Going down means pressure problems, and going up means stability problems.   

       Let's not assume we want a tube for the barrel. I think the tube is the way to go and reentry issues should settle themselves, because only a tiny percentage of the tonnage will be wanting to come down. Getting people down from a practical point of view is a waste of money, but the humans insist on the humane, as we like to say, which is understandable of them. However a four to one width may be the best bet, and would allow more assembled load components to be shipped. Also using sleeves the tube may still be used, double, triple barrel, loads going down loads going up.   

       The horsepower requirements of course are substantial, but are a function of how well we do with the tripe system and modern sea based air compression technologies. Air of course is very easily stored for the strawberry at depth, and not on the surface in tanks. Perish the thought of trying to use piston air pumps which would only be needed at depth to bring the CA to pressures we'll rarely need.   

       Bigsleep, tripe is from cows, and hot dogs are from tripe, and the Fetchez la Vache is sort of like asking a friend if he want's a hot dog, so thanks for that. Here's to onions and mustard for the space troops, say "pass the beans", if you wouldn't mind too much.
Steven J Scannell, Jan 05 2011


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