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website documenting student stunts
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A Hot-or-Not-style website which shows photos of student stunts (i.e. from amusing traffic cone placements and banners, to the more extreme Golden Gate Bridge Volkswagen Beetle type stunts).

The method of execution is well-tested, it's an excellent subject matter for photos and ratings, and the existence of a comprehensive database of such photos (especially a 'top 10' section) would provide inspiration and incentive for future stunts.

I imagine that against votes will come from people who are sick of the proliferation of hot-or-not clones, and from people who don't find student stunts amusing. To the former, I suggest that the hot-or-not format has already passed through both the craze and cliche phases, and can now be accepted as a standard website format (like the news-and-comment format) for suitable subjects. To the latter, I merely say that there is a significant interest group, and if you don't happen to be part of it, then live and let live. Although I'd be tempted to direct you to the UBC Engineers' stunts page.

Some more implementation ideas: the sub-categories could include: traffic cones only, large objects (i.e. car-size) only, political stunts only...

Also there could be more of an opportunity to browse thumbnails, possibly by geographical area.

nunzilla, Apr 23 2002

no pictures, no proof http://www.nopicturesnoproof.com/
disrupto ergo sum [mihali, Apr 23 2002]

mario's bakery http://mariosbakery.ca
does not exist.
has never existed.
will never exist.
[mihali, Apr 23 2002]

Project Stinkymeat http://www.thespark...science/stinkymeat/
The (rather well known) prank to which I referred. [DrBob, Apr 23 2002]

Very well done lads http://www.suesmith...vins/wellington.jpg
Come rain or shine - someone always takes the time [mcscotland, Apr 23 2002]

Crane Accidents http://www.craneaccidents.com
Pranks, stunts, spoofs...whatever. Such sites have amazing specificity. [1kester, Apr 24 2002]


       "people who don't find student stunts amusing" = Everyone who isn't a student and some people who are. Assuming there is a representative demographic split of voters, you'll be getting a lot of negatives. If there isn't a demographic split - i.e. if all the voters are students - the assessment of the amusingness of each stunt will be inaccurate.
calum, Apr 23 2002

       I think the "hot-or-not" format is soul-crushingly boring. If you want to present a collection of things, I'd rather read it organized by subject matter and presented by a human organizer with some attitude and personality, not sequentially fed to me at random as if I'm some sort of chicken in an experiment.   

       Many of the well-documented stunts on the web are delightful because you can get the full story and read about the preparations, not just see the one little effect outcome - by going for just the gag, you're missing out on most of it.   

       I'm sure that if you created such a site, it would be a success in the sense of having many visitors; I just don't think it does its subject matter justice.
jutta, Apr 23 2002

       I agree with jutta. The journey's the thing. The classic example of this is the guy who did the meat experiment in his neighbour's garden. The prank in itself was puny but the lengths he went to to keep track of it were hugely entertaining. The site that you propose, nunzilla, would be mind-numbingly dull (I see your superlative, jutta, and raise you).
DrBob, Apr 23 2002

       Thought this was going to be a less than lethal tornot, with all the stun devices around lately, bummer.
dag, Apr 23 2002

       Student stunts are as irritating as they come - usually nothing but in-jokes. However, since you mention it
//amusing traffic cone placements
are worth recording. Six years I lived in Glasgow, and EVERYday someone took the time and the risk to climb the 16 feet up the statue of Wellington in Royal Exchange Square to put a traffic cone on his head. Well done lads.
mcscotland, Apr 23 2002

       (Suppressing urge to post a lifeornot voting site on the likely number of years a person's mug shot would rate with a jury) Student pranks aside, pranks in general are cloying and fail my interpretability tests -- they're best taken as a form of overindulgence.   

       I'd not give a site like this more than a quick look, but if you think it'll soar without taking my casualty insurance rates along, good luck!
reensure, Apr 24 2002


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