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stupider chickens

humane chicken farming
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Breed chickens for simpler brains and insensitivity to pain so that industrial chicken farming has no turpitude.
Voice, May 05 2010

Mike the headless chicken http://www.miketheh...icken.org/index.php
It IS possible for chickens to be stupider and still survive. [Vernon, May 05 2010]


       One could argue that this is already baked with domestication.
DrWorm, May 05 2010

       One could further argue that chickens could not be stupider and still be capable of maintaining homeostasis.
victory, May 05 2010

       They use turpitude?! Jeez, no wonder those factory-farmed chickens taste lousy.
mouseposture, May 05 2010

       If there is turpitude there must be a moral. What's the moral?
jurist, May 05 2010

       What is a turpitude?
blissmiss, May 05 2010

       //What is a turpitude?// Aside from it's conventional meaning which describes a vile or base character or a depraved act, it is also a *near* anagram to "stupitude"...which is sort of fitting with the theme of this idea.
jurist, May 05 2010

       Wow, this is an ethical can of worms. Are rights proportional to intelligence? How do you prove that animals feel pain? How do you prove that other people feel pain come to that? All these questions and more are still awaiting answers.   

wagster, May 05 2010

       // Are rights proportional to intelligence? //   

       No. For example, the welsh are allowed to vote in elections.   

       // How do you prove that animals feel pain? //   

       Through an extensive but ultimately inconclusive series of pointlessly cruel experiments under controlled conditions. We nominate cats as the subjects.   

       // How do you prove that other people feel pain come to that? //   

       As above, but using the welsh.   

       // All these questions and more are still awaiting answers. //   

       We know. And now if you'll excuse us, it's back to the research lab. The smell of burnt cat fur should have cleared a bit by now.
8th of 7, May 05 2010

       [8th] yn ceisio achos blina
po, May 05 2010

       //For example, the welsh are allowed to vote in ellections.//

Many of them can actually spell 'elections'.
angel, May 05 2010

po, May 05 2010

       Yes, but they spell it "yllctyns" due to the ongoing vowel shortage.   

       Sp. fixed.
8th of 7, May 05 2010

       + for the ensuing (ensooing? ok spellcheck resolved that) discussion.
pashute, May 05 2010

       Sorry, but I like the taste of intelligence.
awesomest, May 05 2010

       A side of dolphin meat for you then?
RayfordSteele, May 06 2010

       Mmmm.... bandersnatch brains.
mouseposture, May 06 2010

       Stepping in as a stand-in [nineteenthly] on the issue of turpitude, I'd like to take Ian's point further and suggest that in addition to being smarter, they should also be equipped with pointy teeth, nasty claws and to stand around 6 or 7 feet tall. These raptorous beasts can then be released into the suburbs, both providing a nutritious, turpitude-free meal for those skilled and athletic enough to catch one, as well as providing an important motivator for excercise. In addition, social problems such as the housing shortage, over-population and increasing pension costs could be alleviated as the weak and helpless are consumed by the ravenous angry chicken-beasts.
zen_tom, May 07 2010

       Now that, [zen tom], would have earned a [+].
In No Particular Order, May 07 2010

       Not really all that different to meat from cell cultures, end product is meat & has less intelligence b4 it become meat than current pre-meat meat production units, see? the same thing, so I guess all those downvotes must be from people who actually 'want' meat to suffer before it becomes meat & they'll downvote ideas for lab grown meat as well for the same reasons.   


       It makes me feel all warm & gooey inside knowing I'm not the only complete bastard out there.
Skewed, Sep 09 2021

       Some breeds of battery hen are already down to 2.4g brains [Voice].   

       I'm not really sure how much further we can go b4 we impact their ability to function well enough to feed themselves from the pellet trough, & now I want to find out, lets do it!
Skewed, Sep 09 2021

       If severe complexity is needed to become an interstellar species then dumber chickens is a step in the wrong direction.
wjt, Sep 25 2021

       Only if we want to send them as our proxies.
Skewed, Sep 25 2021

       I'm not against it, I only fishboned because I'm more for cellular agriculture- do away intelligence altogether and still have your chicken sandwich.
mailtosalonga, Sep 29 2021


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