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LoriZ, the original N8CHZ



[May 31 2001, last modified Jun 12 2006]

(+2) Bidirectional cookies
(+3, -1) Bitrate decreasing software, as a service
 Chromatic Content Coding
 city that never sleeps
(+2, -1) Clumping structural models
(+3, -2) COBOL-like programming language for mobile computing
(+4, -1) Colonize Mercury
 Computer-generated paint-by-number
(+3, -1) Decentral Intelligence Agency
 Duplex sportsball arenas
 Dynamic Range Compression for Television
(-1) finite differences
(+3) Floating point quantity search engine
 Free public supermarket data supermarket
(+6) Fuzzy caller ID
 Fuzzy GIS website
(+18)(+18) Machine-readable store receipts
(+7) Mentors for the rest of us
(+1) Misc. Search Engine Features wibni
(+2, -3) Pringent
(+7, -2) Right-mouseable back button
(+3, -1) Search utility for slow blogs
(+1, -22)(+1, -22)(+1, -22) Single digit speed limits
(+6) 'Spacer In Training' web client
(+4) "Start of document" as search option
 Talking Head Database
(+11, -3)(+11, -3) Taxes contingent on spending
(+2) * The System, 2003 edition
(+1) Tritone wind chimes
(+6) USB hub w. cap receptacles

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