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subway virtual periscope

view the city above your subway carriage
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When I am appointed emperor of all things below heaven, one of the offerings I am going to require of subways is an electronic vista-window in the ceiling, which shows you just where you are going in the upper world, as you burrow through the bowels of large cities.
thormay, Jun 29 2002

virtual above-ground train http://www.halfbake...bove-ground_20train
Same idea. [phoenix, Jun 30 2002, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       This is a simple concept that is a challenge to execute: you can already have monitors inside parade floats so that they can be driven from the inside. The problem is to get the camera to move like the train does when it is aboveground with different obstacles. The train, on the other hand, travels through an open tunnel.
polartomato, Jun 29 2002

       If it is a 'virtual' periscope, it could just show an animated image of what you would see, if you could. A framework display (like an engineering drawing) of sewer pipes, building outlines , current sun position would be cool. 3D of course!
pfperry, Jun 29 2002

       How about an animated 3D map inside the sub train so you can see what local attractions are nearby at the stops you pass by?
polartomato, Jun 29 2002

       If the route is pre-filmed for each train, then only the viewing speed would have to be adjusted to the train's actual speed.
FarmerJohn, Jun 29 2002

       Already HalfBaked. Please search before posting.   

       Welcome to the HalfBakery.
phoenix, Jun 30 2002


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