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Exit Photos

Photos on the exits of tube stations to acclimatize you
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Sometimes the road description just isn't enough - The last time you were there you were four years old, and you had no idea that you were on the North side of Leicester Square.

Possibly a 360 view around the whole concourse, to acclimatize you and photos (day-light and night-time views) of what you see when you leave by an underground train station exit - To save you from getting out of the wrong exit.

Inspired by Escalator Art

Dub, Dec 04 2005

Escalator Art Escalator_20art
[Dub, Dec 04 2005]

Huge ceiling mural shown off at Sudbury Town tube station https://www.ianvisi...town-tube-station/?
A permanent artwork has been unveiled inside the waiting rooms at Sudbury Town tube station, featuring restyled maps of the surrounding areas, highlighting local landmarks from the past and present. [Dub, Nov 25 2020, last modified Aug 07 2021]


       nice! even Tooting Bec has foxed me once or twice...
po, Dec 04 2005

       I'd prefer "eegit " photos - which would be candid images of people stumbling around (and I'd be first to go up on the wall), scratching their heads as they became totally lost in the labyrinths of Old Street Tube station, trying to find the right exit for The White Cube Gallery. I'm convinced that there is a Klein Bottle layout in operation there +
xenzag, Dec 05 2005

       don't you just hate it when you wander about, up one staircase, down another, along one little corridor, knit one, purl one, take away the number you first thought of and bingo! you're in a completely different station.
po, Dec 05 2005

       [xenzag] You just gave me another idea!
Dub, Dec 09 2005

       I was amazed when once I managed to get onto a tube without encountering a ticket office, ticket vending machine or barrier. They fined me at the other end for not having a ticket.   

wagster, Dec 09 2005

       Because that's where they check the tickets. What were you thinking? (You *should* have told them you got on the stop before, but lost your ticket.)
DrCurry, Dec 09 2005

       Sadly, you're probably right.
wagster, Dec 09 2005

       [Ian] Nice piccy
Dub, Dec 10 2005

       What concierge wouldn't benefit from a flat panal version of this:   

       Go (pointing) there, and (points to display between you) here's what you will do. Speaker gives directions and controls camera zoom and orientation with a joystick.
reensure, Dec 10 2005


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