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switching lanes baseball

4 teams, 7 bases, action packed baseball
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In this baseball variant, we have 7 bases total, 2 home plates and 5 bases in the infield to be exact. You have 2 fields, Field A and Field B, with Field A's 1st base also being Field B's 3rd base, plus this base is bigger than all the rest. This base also is an important spot of the game where a runner, coming in from from Field A can transfer to Field B by going to Field B's 2nd base instead of the 2nd base of Field A. Plus the runner on Field B could run from 1st to 3rd base of Field B and score by running to Field A's home plate. That runner can also go to 3rd base so that he can transfer to Field A's 2nd base. A similar situation would be a runner, coming from Field B can go to third base for only a few reasons; 1) So that he can wait for the bases to get loaded on Field B, which would mean a sacrifice fly allows the runner to tag up to go to Field A's home plate. The same thing goes for a Field A runner that goes to 1st base and tags up to go to Field B's home plate when the bases are loaded for Field A. A home run batted in also makes the game more interesting because if a player from Field A hits a home run, all the runners on Field A go to home plate, whether they're on the same team or not. Since this game could take longer than a normal baseball game, there are only 5 innings for each side with Team 1 vs. Team 2 and Team 3 vs. Team 4 on Fields A and B. The side is retired when both fields get 3 outs. Plus hey who would like to see Washington, Boston, New York, and Chicago playing all at the same time?
5thdown, Dec 30 2004


       Thanks for the feedback, I am waiting for more.:-)
5thdown, Jan 11 2005

       The game has an assymmetry I don't really like, since the crossover point is First Base of one path and Third Base of the other. Having the crossing point be Second Base of both might ease the assemmetry, though it would add some risks of its own (greater likelihood of players being hit in the back by a line drive from the other field).
supercat, Jan 11 2005

       I understand where you're coming from. More feedback is welcomed from me.
5thdown, Jan 23 2005


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