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best solution
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After dealing with the tailgate idiots all these years, the best solution is a brake light cut-out switch (illegal in all states, but hell, THIS IS WAR!)
jelboe, Mar 02 2004


       there are at least 8 *best* solutions above this one already. <sigh>
po, Mar 02 2004

       I really don’t understand all this tailgating business that seems to exercise so many people here. Is it a peculiarly US problem? I drive about 35km to work and back again (mostly on a busy autoroute) each day and it’s not a problem I encounter or even observe.   

       I’m wondering if the complainers should not just drive a bit quicker. It is extremely irritating to be held up on a busy road in good conditions by some tosser in a BMW 7 series (with a 200+ capability) doing 100 in a 120 limit who's talking on the phone.   

       Or have I got the wrong end of the stick?
Gordon Comstock, Mar 02 2004

       I am a good driver
you are an adequate driver
he is a tosser.
po, Mar 02 2004

       He drives a BMW. QED
Gordon Comstock, Mar 02 2004

       //I’m wondering if the complainers should not just drive a bit quicker//   

       I've been driving a minibus, holding it at the speed limit on an almost-country (sometimes only partly sealed) road, and had people tailgate me. Incredibly stupid.   

       Under very few circumstances will I break the law or endanger myself or my passengers; and none of those circumstances involve some witless bastard who can't wait for the overtaking lane 3km ahead.   

       If I'm stuck behind someone doing 20+km/h under the limit, I accept it. I might swear a bit, though...   

       [Gordon], in your case, you have a right to be irritated, but no right to tailgate. :)
Detly, Mar 02 2004

       [Detly] Don't get me wrong. I thoroughly agree with you and I don't do it. It's just something I don't see much of. I drive at about the speed limit most of the time and it simply happens to me extremely rarely. Is it such a major problem elsewhere? And why?   

       If you are trying to pass someone it is counter productive to close up to them. When your oppportunity to overtake comes you want to be going much faster than them by the time you reach the level of their tailgate.
Gordon Comstock, Mar 02 2004

       My solution is a small data CD on the back window of my van. I have a van similar as the Police speed camera van with tinted windows. The CD looks a bit like a camera lens from the distance. Tailgating drivers imagination does the rest and they back away once they notice that CD on my back window. Keeps the drivers about 200 meters away on the highway when I am driving just under 100km per hour speed. Very Good.
Pellepeloton, Oct 03 2007

       Fog lights automatically switched on by your proximity sensor. Blind 'em until they back away, when it turns off.
theleopard, Oct 03 2007

       How about a fog machine that fills up the trunk of your car, and then you pop your trunk and completely 'fog' them up! Then you could have a low powered winch that recloses it.
quantum_flux, Oct 03 2007


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