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Tethered mini-glider for cars

We're being followed! We're under attack!
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At speeds greater than 50mph, the tethered glider is deployed from the back of your car, the cable unspooling about 10-20 metres. If you slow down or brake suddenly, the cable is quickly spooled back in again.

The glider's control surfaces can be controlled via signal wires buried in the tether, allowing bored children in the back seat to make the glider swoop and turn in your car's slipstream and pretend the car is being chased by an extremely skilfully piloted aeroplane. It can also (of course) display short messages on an integral LED display and drop flour bombs on tailgaters.
hippo, Nov 02 2006

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       "Bridge!" [swoosh]
Shz, Nov 02 2006

       How small is the glider?
Chefboyrbored, Nov 02 2006

       Quite small - maybe 2ft wingspan.
hippo, Nov 03 2006

       That's funny, I thought you actually wanted it to carry children...
BJS, Nov 03 2006

       if it were bigger, and could carry a average grown man, this could be a new olympic sport: car-drawn glider riflery. imagine a olympic marksman, on a glider, as he wizzes past targets, takes shots at them with his rifle. OR.. his composite bow!   

       or maybe have a duel between two crossing, car-drawn gliders! with their riders armed with wiffle bats, vials of vegetable oil and paintball guns! trying to evict their opponent from their glider!!
twitch, Nov 05 2006

       I have been working on this idea (I say that like a halfbakery idea takes me several months of research and testing). Fortunately [phoenix] has bumped this and saved me the bother of searching.   

       For the record, I had three electric R/C models following each other. With flour bombs.
wagster, Jun 01 2010

       What prevents the bored children from accidentally or intentionally crashing the glider into the either ground, or certain other targets?
goldbb, Jun 01 2010


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