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take in restaurant

opposite of take out.
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this restaurant is good if you have a meal made, but you want a nice friendly environment to eat in. take-in restaurants are candle-lit, warm, cozy and fancy, and when you come in, you give the food to the waiter, who then turns around and gives it back to you, so, you can cook, and eat out.
the extreme baker, Apr 02 2007

The same thing, plus the food TakeOutEatIn_20Restaurant
[DrCurry, Apr 02 2007]


       Someone suggested this a short while ago. Oh, wait, that involved the fast food as well.
DrCurry, Apr 02 2007

       I TOTALLY LOVE this idea. It would be something like an indoor picnic. People go out to the woods or to a park and take a picnic basket so that they can enjoy the great outdoors. Imagine being able to cook a nice meal and take it to a really beautifully decorated area--like a museum or a posh mansion. Sounds like fun.
veryvermilion, Apr 04 2007


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