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temporary voluntary human pets

just me and my dog...[my dog and i]
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somewhere where you have to pay per person,but you are allowed to take many kinds of animals,cut a friends fare by claiming them to be your animal. a human pet,which just obeys animal rules
technobadger, Aug 02 2001


       for what purpose?
technobadger, Aug 02 2001

       //for what purpose?// Kinky ones. Google on ponygirls and don't blame me for any ensuing flabbergastulation.   

       Not at all what you're idea is about, though.
Dog Ed, Aug 02 2001

       For an attempt at gender balance you could also search for ponyboys.
key-aero, Aug 03 2001

       Hmmm I think this one is baked by some people in private and with less pure motives than getting a free ride. However they cannot be legally typed as a pet, rather a slave. Since slavery has been abolished I think you will have some legal problems. You could try dressing up your friend as an animal and see if that works.
Monkeyboy2, Aug 03 2001


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