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the All Powering battery

very reconfigurable power pack
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This rechargable power pack could output any voltage at any amperage, up to that used by the highest-usage cell phone. It would have an adaptable clamp to attach to the outside of the phone and include a number of wires, each which could be set to a certain output or output pattern. The clamps and power leads would be configurable to fit common phones, or be user-configured for new settings. It would come with a variety of plug-in adaptors, and have a piece of plastic the user could bend to fit a plug.

A wiki-style web site would list necessary configurations. It would be powered by standard batteries, a hydrogen cell, an AC/DC adaptor, or a solar panel. Finally, freedom from the lock-you-in battery selling bastards!

Voice, May 02 2008


       Sharper Image sells a crank up flashlight that also charges almost all cell phones. There is a battery company that sells one that does laptops and cell phones.
MisterQED, May 02 2008

       Sounds obvious, but I haven't seen anyone making such a thing, so [+]. I've wondered in the past if I could use the NiCad/NiMH packs radio-controlled cars use, with a voltage converter to power all the electronic gadgets I carry with me these days.
Srimech, May 02 2008

       //haven't seen anyone making such a thing//   

       I wonder why...?
Jinbish, May 02 2008

       Presumably, it would have its own back-lit LCD and keypad to allow you to enter the appropriate parameters.
coprocephalous, May 02 2008

       You hurt my head.   

       they have a variation on this, its a USB battery pack. plug any usb charger cable whether it be an mp3 player a phone or a usb light, it'll power it.
Arcanus, Jun 09 2009


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