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Solar cells on mobile phones

Recharge your mobile phone / PDA by leaving it in daylight
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Simple idea, no doubt covered elsewhere...

Instead of mobile phone and battery manufaturers trying to eck out another two hours of battery life before having to plug the thing into the mains or usb port or whatever, why not build solar cells into the mobile phone itself - remember solar powered calculators? Not sure how much additional volume would be required for any extra electronics, but it's got to be a good idea right?

eldon, Jan 08 2005

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       Is it still the case that rechargeable batteries prefer to be fully discharged, then recharged as a pose to regular 'mini charges'. Or has technology left me behind again? Otherwise, this can't be a bad thing.
paraffin power, Jan 10 2005

       Mobiles use a fair amount of power. You might need quite a large solar cell. However, a larger, folding solar cell that could be carried as an accessory would be useful in certain circumstances.
david_scothern, Jan 10 2005

       [paraffin] - //as a pose // is actually 'as opposed'. Unless you meant a swanky new solar charging phone!
gnomethang, Jan 10 2005

       I bought a battery pack fitted with solar cells for my Nokia 5150 back when it was new. The great thing was that they would recharge the pack independent of whether or not it was actually attached to the phone. I leave my dead pack sitting on my dashboard in the morning, and by the time I leave work, it's fully charged.   

       [marked–for–deletion] baked.
Freefall, Jan 10 2005

       While it's always interesting to hear of realizations of ideas, please don't mark things as "m-f-d baked"; existence isn't grounds for deletion unless it's widely known.
jutta, Jan 26 2005

       Hi, I just got an idea of supporting mobiles with solare cells or solar kit to charge on the fly. Then looked around to find good thoughts and ideas floating around here. Btw, i think incorporating solar logic within the phone would be somewhat critical for reasons like incorporate the logic and chips for solar into phone besides having cells on its body. I believe mobile phones are advised not to bring in direct contact with sunlight for long. -SyedH
sdhamed, Mar 14 2007


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