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the dainty fingers chicken wing holder

for the discriminating chicken wing enthusiast
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This is an idea that I had in college during a time when I was broke and wanted an easy way to become a millionaire. I needed to come up with a simple idea (if only I had thought of Post-It Notes first!) because I thought it would be easier to actually do. My other option was to sell drugs but in the end, I just stayed poor. Here is my idea which I am sharing with you.

I guess the title says it all. There are many folks who enjoy their chicken wings but when you are out in public, it's not the most seemly look. What about the sorority girl or the older, more elegant gentleman? They should be able to eat chicken wings without looking like a caveman.

The holders would look much like the fameed "corn-on-the-cob" holders. They could have a plastic model of a chicken head or such. The other option would be something that looked like a roach clip - along with the feathers - that you get at the state fair.

I wonder who holds the patent on the corn-on-the cob holders.

juloe, Jun 28 2000

$250 corn-on-the-cob holders http://www.tias.com...ilver-Plated/1.html
$$$ [juloe, Jun 28 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       I don't know if this will make you feel better, but even the Post-It notes inventor at 3M didn't think of Post-It notes. He was trying to create a very strong adhesive and failed. Who knows what crazy object you'll come up with in the process of building your chicken wing holder.
tharsaile, Jun 20 2002


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