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the reconstruct analyzer

a new program that could fix all errors
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is it possible to create a starting point with usb to create an overrun of all files?

to create a more structured pattern for fixing errors?

its kinda like the matrix movie with neo

but a way to create a new way to optimize the os

its a program to correct all programs/functions

it could detect/file report of all files overrun by system data created that was applied for function test

how it would work is it would use the principles and apply the basic works of computer functions to calibrate the correct balance for providing ui feedback from user input

i feel like it could fix problems very quickly

it shows all things that do not operate and have not worked or new errors

and then user can get log and look for help for each problem

maybe even add in a tooltip/advice suggests from program

soniiiety, Dec 16 2021


       This is a wish list devoid of an idea. See help file under WIBNI.
xenzag, Dec 16 2021

       [-] and [mark-for-deletion] WIBNI.   

       At least TRY to come up with some idea that you’re planning to work on or can explain in some detail of how it could work.
a1, Dec 16 2021

       With each [soniiiety] idea (term used loosely...), my estimate of their age decreases. Now hovering around 14.
neutrinos_shadow, Dec 16 2021

       there was a movie i watched recently called rons gone wrong, and the ending was very important, i think it can give inspiration on how it could be done as well.   

       idk if this is helpful for the idea or not, but it means to apply your own form of structure to everything on the system, rather than having the system do it for you, maybe it would take too long, maybe it could be sped up on certain bits.
soniiiety, Dec 16 2021

       The only way I could think of to optimize any given outcome is to model every potential outcome given every decision made by every sentient life-form in every given scenario given different starting points ad infinitum.   

       ...and after lunch, I expect you to catalogue all dark matter in the universe. Sort and store this info against known phenomena, relate it to us in terms humans can understand and then incorporate this knowledge into our data banks before gaining sentience and actually living amongst us.   

       ...and then I get to introduce you to the wonder that is Poutine with ketchup!   

       Totally worth it. You'll see.   

       //is it possible to...// No. Next?
pocmloc, Dec 16 2021

       If you were being really generous you could say that a Turing machine delivers this idea in the sense that if the things proposed (if 'proposed' is not too strong a word) here are computable and a Turing machine can compute any computable problem then the Turing machine can do them. However, just because the Turing machine *can* do these things it doesn't mean (except in an infinite amount of time) that it *will*. Also of course you'd have the (impossible) challenge of building a real Turing machine first rather than a near-approximation.
hippo, Dec 16 2021

       //is it possible to [...] overrun of all files?//   

       If we stop there, then it *is* possible, because it's a lot like what ransomware does. It's only when we start expecting the overrun files to be magically improved that it all goes horribly wrong.
pertinax, Dec 16 2021

       ...and end up as Clippi.   

       "It looks like you're writing a program. Would you like to explore GW Basic GOTO functions?"
RayfordSteele, Dec 20 2021


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