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the slimming pinstripe

the pinstripe that makes you look thiner
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imagine a pair of pinstripe pants with stripes that are bent slightly to make the wearer appear slimmer.they could be sold in lots of different colors. also they could be bent more or less depending on how fat they are. or imagine one thats white with blue stripes the blue lines lines could be a little fatter at the shin to create the appearace of a slimmer hip.
cornpad2, Jan 14 2004


       That would be an interesting optical illusion. I wonder if there is some law of conservation involved so you cannot look slim all around. Converging lines may have to start somewhere wide apart. You could move that area to the back where it could be covered with ajacket. - "He's real bean pole, but the way it looks his butt must a transplant from whale."
kbecker, Jan 14 2004

       If it works, I think these would sell like hotcakes. Our culture if obsessed with looks and being slim. Despite the obsession, though, we're all just a buncha lazy fat-asses.   



       (I might buy these.)
XSarenkaX, Jan 16 2004

       There's something in this - there's a well-known optical illusion which uses slightly curved lines to give the impression of more elegant straight lines. The carved vertical lines on Ancient Greek columns used this, as do the vertical bars on Rolls Royce radiator grilles.
hippo, Jan 16 2004

       whats an RR radiator grille when its at home?
po, Jan 16 2004

       [ po ] It's a grill what is attached in front of a Rolls Royce radiator.Sorry, could'nt resist :)
python, Jan 16 2004


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