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time travel radio

Low-bandwidth broadcast of spatially relevant information
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Distribute short range broadcasting stations throughout the region that broadcast details of their site's history. Tourists walk around with radio receivers; as they go near a place, they can tune in to it. Different frequencies for different epochs.
jutta, Mar 07 1997

CNN: Air Flash http://www.cnn.com/...7/08/phoneport.idg/
Similar idea with local travel information and cellular phones [jutta, Mar 07 1997]

Low-Tech Version Historians_20on_20Buses
[swimswim, Oct 20 2011]

Radio Free Skaro http://www.radiofreeskaro.com/
[jaksplat, Dec 13 2011]


       You could build these yourself with a closed-loop tape, a cheap walkman, and a Mr. Microphone.
Eeyore, Mar 13 2000

       Something similar to this at some places...At a zoo here, you can buy 'zoo keys' that you plug into a gadget at different animals and get information...and a 'house of the future' called Xanadu in Orlando Florida hands out little recievers you hold to your ear, and each room has its own transmitter telling you about the features.
StarChaser, Mar 13 2000

       Here in NZ we have something similar - a tourist information station, on the same (lowest in our FM range) frequency throughout the country. It gives out different information depending on where you are (over quite large areas though).
Slag, May 18 2000

       This idea is really #1, or at least tied for it: +
swimswim, Oct 20 2011

Voice, Oct 20 2011

po, Oct 20 2011

       [jutta] showed up and posted this idea, then stuck around and continued to run the site for the intervening twenty years and odd.   

       Sometimes, reading it gives the impression that this idea has been baked.   

       Also, (belated) welcome to the halfbakery!
Wrongfellow, Nov 08 2017

theircompetitor, Nov 08 2017

MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 09 2017


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