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tinnitus cure

multidiscipilinary approach
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Invoke the power of the neuro protectant nicotine and modafinil in the early stages of tinnitus
Colonel Hapablap, Jul 11 2008


       I recently developed severe tinnitus in my ears, or to state it more accurately in my brain. Fairly certain it developed as a result of the high levels of the excitotoxin glutamate in my brain. Recently i was diagnosed with central sensitization, hence the culprit being glutamate. The interesting thing is that it developed after quitting smoking. After racking my brain that is the only thing I did differently in the weeks leading up to it. The noise gradually worrked its way up to a high pitch squeel that could be heard over my ipod at 3/4 volume.   

       After my Doctor gave me the you can get over it without glutamate blocking drugs speech. I got pretty desperate and started to do some more research. Turns out nicotine has neural protective and regenerative qualities. Turns out there are nicotine receptors in the ear. If it can protect against alzheimers it can surely rebuff tinnitus. Modafinil, while increasing glutamate levels in the brain it protects against glutamate excitotoxin levels (don't know how that works). In addition it blocks uptake of dopamine (neuro transmitter that has the power to reheal the body). According to the research it reduces cell death by 25% in mptp cases.   

       So to break it down heres how my recovery went over the last week.   

       Day 1-4 Listened to ipod at a sensible level, drank a few doubles of Johnny Walker, and took a zopiclone at night for sleep.   

       Day 5-6 Began to smoke every two hours. Started taking Gingko. Took modafinil. Massaged my ear canals to ensure good blood flow. Tried to visualise the nicotine and dopamine flowing into my damaged nerve cells and repairing them. Visualised myself being cured from it and how good it would feel to hear silence again. Which improved my mood, and probably added to the dopamine levels.   

       day 7 Woke up to near silence. The noise had reduced by 2/3, and was now intermitant, with hissing tone. Will repeat process and let you know if its a complete cure tomorrow. Fingers crossed.   

       Just had to share that. Hope it helps someone. I believe most of the nerve regeneration happens in the first few days so it pays to make use of it. If yoy dont have modafinil there are herbs that increase dopamine, which may or may not have the same effect.
Colonel Hapablap, Jul 11 2008

       I havent the first clue whether this would work, but I'm bunning because I think the autoboner didn't either.
Voice, Jul 12 2008

       Before learning what tinnitus was I always assumed that the high pitched ...Ping.............. was just my dial tone.   

       I haven't tried it on anyone for tinnitus, but i have tried it for other conditions linked to dopamine, and i've found Vitex agnus-castus works for those. Maybe try that too? I'd also say Lobelia inflata because lobeline and nicotine have quite similar actions. However, when i've treated tinnitus it's often been secondary to a circulatory issue or cervical arthritis rather than anything else (not that it usually is though, just my limited experience thereof). I have used Gingko biloba and that seemed to have an effect.   

       By the way, thanks a lot and i will seriously pass this on. It'll go in the newsletter.
nineteenthly, Jul 12 2008

       The silence is deafening.
spidermother, Jan 31 2012

       I have intermittent mild tinnitus from working in loud industrial environments, and I find that pulling on my earlobe for a few seconds makes the ringing go away.   

       Um... I just thought I'd contribute that.
Alterother, Feb 01 2012

       Yeah, riiight. Sure it does. Pull the other one.
mouseposture, Feb 01 2012


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