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uTube - Microwave

Automatically selects a video to match the cooking time
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I saw a concept for a combined MicrowaveTV a while ago. However, the idea seems flawed, not just because the display would melt... but regular TV programs are too long to accompany microwave meals.

The solution is the MicroTube, insert the food, select the cooking time - The lights dim, the door turns silver, two small velvet curtains go back... and the device starts showing a video carefully chosen to match the cooking time for your meal.

I wonder if we need two dials, 'cooking time' and 'genre'

riposte, Jun 21 2010

get yourself an egg and beat it http://www.youtube....watch?v=HyfcOriVKBM
[jaksplat, Jun 21 2010]

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       random videos might put you right off your food.
po, Jun 21 2010

       That's true. This suggests some 'genre' / 'food type' logic is required. Perhaps Spicy = 'Horror', 'Red Meat' = Action, 'Vegetarian' = Comedy?
riposte, Jun 21 2010

       cute idea, but not all microwaves cook at the same rate...
xandram, Jun 21 2010

       the video can speed up or slow down to fit the timings.
po, Jun 21 2010

       This says a lot about our criteria for being entertained these days.   

       Could you reheat my coffee with some Purple and Brown please?
wagster, Jun 21 2010

       OK, if [po] is right!
xandram, Jun 21 2010

       [+] Even though microwaves cook at different rates (different wattages), you, the user, still select a specific amount of time for which the microwave should cook it's contents.   

       Thus, the MicrUTube concept will equally well for cheap low watt microwaves and high powered microwaves. The difference is that if you've a 600W microwave, you'll usually watch longer videos than if you've a 1200W microwave.
goldbb, Jun 21 2010

       Who stands and watches the microwave for 2 minutes? Go to your computer and watch a real youtube video and then come back.
phundug, Jun 22 2010

       I've ruined more cooked dinners than I can count by just running upstairs to the computer for two minutes...
po, Jun 22 2010

       What's next, wide screen movies on your washing machine door? uhhh yeah...sounds fun...+
blissmiss, Jun 22 2010

       I'll upload a lot of footage of nasty things cooking in the microwave for you all to watch on your microwaves. Think how great it will be when what emerges is better than what you saw cooking!
wagster, Jun 22 2010

       Bundle a DVD with the food ...   

8th of 7, Jun 22 2010

       Yea, do popcorn ones where the corn just keeps popping and popping... Then they'll never know Haha!
daseva, Jun 22 2010

       Confuse the unwary by showing a video of tumbling clothes...
Ling, Jun 23 2010

       That's just marvellous!
nineteenthly, Jun 23 2010

       There is one distinct problem to overcome. The reason microwaves have a window is to be able to check that the food is cooking correctly. With a screen this doesn't happen.   

       Solution: The platter detects liquid - i.e. if the drink/food boils over then the platter gets wet, triggering the microwave to pause the video and display your blackened meal...
riposte, Jun 24 2010

       That's easy. Just cover the interior with sensors that detect splattering and spillage and have them trigger a black and white video of a distraught sixties housewife clutching her head and calling "Oh no! Help! Your food is in danger!".
wagster, Jul 14 2010


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