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Temperature-controlled Microwave

For that perfect TV dinner
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I never know how long to set the microwave for - always comes out to cold or too hot. I propose we have a thermometer probe inside the microwave (attached to a wire) that you insert into your meat/soup etc. Instead of setting the cooking time, you set a cutoff temperature.

Wouldn't work for popcorn bags, of course.

Apologies if this exists somewhere - I couldn't find it. They do seem to have microwave (microwave-safe?) thermometers, but nothing that controls a kitchen microwave.

ootleman, Jan 15 2003

For anyone who needs a good probe. http://www.partsele...09669i01&Position=0
In this example, it may be Item 31 "Sensor-Thermistor". Start at their home page to search for your oven parts. [Amos Kito, Oct 17 2004]


       Definitely Baked, about 15 years ago. Philips used to sell a unit like this, my parents still have one. The thermometer is a 100-mm long stainess steel pointed stick probe on a cable that you can dip in liquids or prod into meat. It works very well. It plugs into a standard 6.35mm jack socket integrated into the sode wall of the oven.   

       The oven doesn't have a turntable. It would be difficult but not impossible to make it work in a turntable oven. One method would be to demodulate power from the microwaves to power a wirefree probe, which then retransmits the temeprature data on the 2.4GHz ISM band, which wouldn't be affected by the microwaves.   

       A better method (for drinks, at least) would be a non-contact IR thermomter.   

       Then you could add voice activation, put your cup in the oven and just say, "Tea, Earl Grey, Hot" and the technology takes over .........
8th of 7, Jan 15 2003

       Per a document from University of Florida Extension Service, concerning microwave ovens:   

       "A temperature probe will stop the cooking process when meat or other food has reached the desired "done" temperature. (This feature may be hard to find, since many people didn't use temperature probes when provided.)"   

       My microwave has the socket, but I haven't got the probe to plug into it.
lurch, Jan 15 2003

       Heck, this was baked 23 years ago at least on a General Electric model. I remember never using it.
lumpy, Jan 16 2003

       To 8th of 7 & lumpy:   

       You both mention you or your family having a microwave with temperature probe.   

       My older model Sears has a temperature probe which I use all the time, but the insulation on the probe wire seems to have been destroyed by the radiation and it is ruined. I like the feature so much that years ago when the magnetron gave up and I bought a new oven, instead of using the new one I replaced the magnetron in the probe model and the new one is still in the box in the attic.   

       If you or your family happens to still have a probe perhaps for a microwave that was discarded, I would give bucks for a probe hoping that all these probe models used the same probe.   

       Dave Bunting dave@highwayshopper.com
dabunting, Nov 29 2003

       I have a microwave with a thermometer probe - the probe is still good, but the microwave just gave up the ghost. I got it 20 years ago at Penneys, and have loved it. I found this page because I was looking for microwave ovens with thermometer probes!!! I used it ALL THE TIME!!! I loved it. Apparently they don't make them anymore?!? I especially used it when making bread, and I wanted to get the liquid for the bread the correct temperature. If you know of one, please let me know! JBeasley, Dec 2004
jbeasley, Dec 30 2004


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