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um, no

When the search goes wrong
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You never intended to get that set of results, but you don't want to rephrase the question. You would rather tell the search engine that this result set is altogether off.

You press the [um, no] button, and all by itself, the search engine will know how to find the other information that it isnt showing you right now, or perhaps is hidden in pages 77 to 103 of the results.

pashute, Jul 17 2020

https://www.google.com/search?q=great+tits https://www.google....search?q=great+tits
NNSFW (surprisingly) [zen_tom, Jul 17 2020]

PSAF https://chrome.goog...bnnjfdpcdkejd?hl=en
[pashute, Jul 20 2020]

ut um no https://lotr.fandom.com/wiki/Utumno
[pertinax, Jul 20 2020]


       Better would be an intermediate page that asks "Do you really want to search using that string ? nn% of those who used that string previously fell of their chair and experienced projectile vomiting. We suggest you search for "<better phrased and more appropriate term>".   

       This is better than "safe search" because it doesn't exclude any results; it just stops you accidentally finding out about things you afterwards very much wish you hadn't.
8th of 7, Jul 17 2020

       I think this makes sense - you might have it run at a page level, clicking "um, no" setting all the results found on that page to be used as negative inputs to the next iteration of the search. For more fine-tuned control, a checkbox on each result would allow you to tune subsequent results.   

       This would be helpful when researching terms that have unfortunate overlapping textual representations.   

       If a keen ornithologist were to search "great tits" for example, they would surely be glad of such a feature to confining their results to those containing hedgerow birds only.   

       (I'm only marginally disappointed, having tried this out for real, to find that the returned results are almost exclusively for small birds)
zen_tom, Jul 17 2020

       >"unfortunate overlapping textual representations." that's the phrase I was looking for.   

       I read kdf's remark as: "this reminds me of a half naked idea"
pashute, Jul 19 2020

       The halfbakery, hot enough that half-naked ideas are stripped closer to the naked truth.
wjt, Jul 19 2020

       Searching for "shortly this site can't be reached then goes to site" and getting only "how to fix this site can't be reached" I realized that I want to make a chrome plugin that does this.   

       Now I have to think over the other half. Wanna help me?   

       There's a "people also search for" plugin that finds and shows you the PSAF for your google search (I would be happy to know where it gets the information from and how...). At the first stage, while building up the umno app's data, the umno add-on will ask the users to mark keywords that categorize this information in the way that is NOT searched for. OK I got it: We'll give you a list of keywords that this set of information shares. And ask you which part of it does NOT interest you. OR: We'll give you a "word-cloud map" of all keywords with this set of information. Clicking the minus sign on some of the keywords exludes information categorized by these keywords (even if they aren't present on the page). Clicking the plus sign on other keywords will bring those sites to the top of the search.   

       Under the hood, your umno choices (we're still at the first stage before there's enough data to just umno without giving any hints to whatyes) are given to our service which attempts other PSAF and checks the resulting keywords received both automatically from scanning the content and from category keywords given by our users.   

       With time it will get better at suggesting directly with umno, with no need for further fine tuning.   

       The great tits could be our advertisement.
pashute, Jul 20 2020

       // Nekkidity is quite popular. //   

       The jury's still out on that one; the vast majority of humans look really bad when naked. Clothing doesnt' just provide environmental protection, it also helps to stop the milk from turning sour and all the clocks stopping.   

       // The halfbakery, hot enough that half-naked ideas are stripped closer to the naked truth. //   


       That's almost coherent. Who are you, and what have you done with the real [wjt] ?   

8th of 7, Jul 20 2020

       :-)[] [pertinax]   

       but seriously. ?
pashute, Aug 05 2020


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