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When your not sure where the right forum is
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Helps you find the right forum.

Useful for questions you have on a website like Github, and searching google for a forum on Github only gives you open source fora software for creating your very own forum website.

BUT WHAT IF YOU DON'T WANT TO OPEN A FORUM. You want to ask a question on the forum ABOUT Github?!!

Of course that was just an example, and this service is generic. It would bring down thousands of questions that are closed daily on Stack Overflow as Off Topic. You would simply know where the topic is on, and could post it there.

An advanced version would also assist you in deciding what category or keywords to use when posting on websites...

pashute, Jan 18 2016

There and done... Been_20there_2c_20done_20that_3f
Perhaps vaguely related... [normzone, Jan 21 2016]


       Well, at least this isn't in Other: [general] ...
8th of 7, Jan 18 2016

       Not at all. You lose points on StackOverflow if people vote you down as "off topic" which means you lose certain capabilities, and also, because its not the right forum, you can't get the attention you really need. If it was halfbakery for example you have the danger of becoming an MFD target.   

       Just to show:   

       Pantum 1000 printer is printing beginning the content printed at the middle of the page, spilling over until the middle of the next page. It seems like a driver problem. Anyone?   

       Do you think I'll get an answer here?   

       Here's another one: How do I get to see cross-reference in Github C# code without downloading it to visual studio? Or if I can't do that: How do I create a cross-referenced online experience with my own code on Github? I want to click on a type and get taken to the class that defines it, to click on a method which will take me to its definition et ceterae et ceterae
pashute, Jan 20 2016

       I an sorry for the 167 words in the former. I know, I didn't notice the form of you answer.
pashute, Jan 20 2016

       //Any form of communication should be valid anywhere, in any format.//   

       I agree, although I have yet to receive a useful reply to my question about removing silicone sealant from gloss paint, posted in the form of an interpretive dance on the Russian Steam Engine Enthusiasts forum.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 20 2016

       You did get a reply! That advert in the bottom left hand corner of the screen, promoting a boxed set of Tuvan Christmas pantomime souvenir tickets!
pocmloc, Jan 20 2016

       At my age, most things are.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 20 2016

       mb [+]   

       pocm [+]   

       ian [+]   

       mb [+]   

       8th, I translated your entry on green warfare to Hebrew on face (pointing to your idea here) it is being shared...
pashute, Jan 21 2016


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