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unlimited range

Electric Vechicle and Trailer for vacation traveling
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I just had an "Epiphany !" For next Summer, Nobody takes an E. V. on a road trip. But I want to travel like an "Automobile Tourist, RVer. So I am going to put a trailer hitch on the back of my EV. And hook on a "Pop-up" camper trailer, with Solar Panels added to the roof of the trailer, and extra panels stored inside to erect with some pipe framing as a "Carport" and Awning / Outdoor living space. Now I can drive until I run low on "Charge" then set up camp at the nearest campground, deploy my Solar Panel Array, open up my camping trailer RV. and camp for a week or so until the EV is recharged. Using my bicycle to enjoy the local attractions. Then, repack everything and drive on down the highway until the batteries are low again and repeat. Great Vacation! The only negative point, my son pointed out, is that just backpacking on the bicycles would cover more territory in less time. But, that wouldn't be as leisurely a vacation. My wife says, "Just the rig for Solar Electric Hoboes." But, I still think it beats hiking the Appalachian Trail on foot.
Engineering Manager, Oct 09 2008

cars with stowage inside chassis. http://www.Hermes-Pegasus.biz
see under 'Contest 2011' for year 1997 original side X-ray view. [sirau, Jun 01 2011]


       Worst payback ever.
Texticle, Oct 09 2008

       a local taxi driver suggested that I put solar panels, instead of suitcases, inside the stowage volumes, inside the chassis' of my Hermes-Pegasus.biz cars. This would be in tune with your idea !   

       Congrats !.
sirau, Jun 01 2011

       So, you'll charge your vehicle with solar power when you stop for the night?   

       Sounds reasonable. [-]
Alx_xlA, Jun 01 2011

mouseposture, Jun 02 2011

       I should think you would travel at night then, and have a siesta during the day light heat.
sirau, Jun 02 2011

       // travel at night then //   

       Great plan for a sightseeing holiday ...
8th of 7, Jun 02 2011


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