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upside-down stands

for that slow moving and sticky food in jars
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When you get to the end of a jar of honey, ketsup, or other products that don't pour well and tend to adhere to the sides of their containers, it can be a pain to hold the containers upside down indefinitely, waiting for the food to ooze out. This is especially a problem when food comes in containers that aren't very stable when they are set down in an upside down position, such as some honey containers, ketsup jars, and even regular sized and shaped jars, which tend to be bottom heavy (and thus top-heavy when upside down). It would be great if there were semi-adjustable stands that could hold and store such containers in an upside down position, so that it would be easier to get the food out when you needed it.
antoniebrentano, Mar 26 2001


       Ketchup usually responds well to a quick flick of the wrist, but I go out of my way to buy honey and toothpaste that I can upend.
centauri, Mar 26 2001

       Actually, what'd be cool is to have a stand that rotates and holds "slow moving and sticky food" at just the right angle for easy access...for the time period between full and almost empty.
iuvare, Mar 27 2001

       Toothpaste, centauri? I've never seen a toothpaste tube that would respond to upending. Shampoo, certainly, but...?
egnor, Mar 27 2001

       Standing the glass container in warm water also works well (it also restores honey to a non-crystalline state). I haven't tried it with a tube of toothpaste though.
DrBob, Mar 27 2001

       egnor, my toothpaste comes in a tube similar to the one waugsqueke pointed to. Right now it's almost completely flat and the only waste will probably be at the very tip.   

       I forgot that I do this with shampoo as well, and of course the last drippings of spaghetti sauce.   

       Does anyone know how much ketchup you would have to save in order to make up for the $74 spent on a ketchup konsolidator? This would be at bulk prices, mind you.
centauri, Mar 27 2001

       how about hour-glass shaped containers?
nick_n_uit, Mar 28 2001

       I've thought about this one for several years.....   

       I think technology could be borrowed from frozen orange juice concentrate cans. I propose having something like that little plastic tab that is pulled on the OJ can, but the tab is *inside* the PB jar. The tab is attached to a thin cellophane sheet that coats the entire inside of the jar. Once the sheet is pulled out, you can just smear the remainder over your morning toast.
Wes, Mar 28 2001

       The stands make sense. But none of the ideas for modified packaging are likely to see the light of day. The people who make the goo also determine the package design, and these people *want* you to throw out the jar/tube/bottle/etc. before it's empty and buy another one.
beauxeault, Mar 28 2001


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