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ultrasonicated nuts

Make edible nuts crunch into a fine powder when you chew them; acieved by using ultrasonics to microfracture the nuts before packaging
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Nuts are crunchy, and from what I have read, full of nutrients. I have sometimes wondered if the size they are communited into when chewed are small enough for maximum absorption.

To make nuts that chew like puffballs just pretreat them with ultrasonics to make them powderize instantly when you chew them. This could have flavor advantages as well.

beanangel, Oct 18 2018


       I recently purchased a box of nuts with a tendency to crumble easily in my mouth. At the time I speculated there was something in the way they were roasted. At any rate I enjoyed them even more than the usual fare. Unfortunately I don't remember the brand and didn't take care to note it down but it was either GFS or Aldi's.
Voice, Oct 19 2018

       Crumbles to dust on contact... so, mummified nuts? Brand name idea: Tut's Nuts
Sgt Teacup, Oct 19 2018


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