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use caution

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again while stuck in a traffic jam, i had an idea. there was a sign on the road, ahead of me, saying: "CONGESTION NEXT KM USE CAUTION" and for a moment I imagined a world where caution was a tangible consumer good, that one could pull out of ones glovebox to aid in driving.

Then i thought of all the signs i see every day "STOP" dont walk" "no loitering" and "wet paint" I thought if anyone named a product after such commonly used words then the civil engeneers would essentially be giving them a free advertising campaign. Imagine someone made a fast food restaurant called "stop" that adopted the same ubiquitous octagon as their logo? you would end up thinking about the restaurant 24 times on your commute alone!

P.S Of course i realize this idea would be annoying if ever put into action.. so please asses it based on its deviousness rather than its desirability.

bob, Jun 18 2011

I found one. http://www.shed2.co...lounge/caution_menu
[dentworth, Jun 18 2011]


       //please asses it based on its deviousness//   

lurch, Jun 18 2011

       And when you Google the name of this restaurant, you find it at item number 25,450,000...or thereabouts.
ldischler, Jun 18 2011

       "Slow" would be a good name for a restaurant that was in to the slow food craze. "Falling Rocks" would be a good club name, especially one that wanted to convey how cool it is to get really really drunk.
bungston, Jun 18 2011

       Having checked out the link to the caution menu, I noted the "Kids Pizza & Chips" do you think it's made out of more than one kid? Wasteful in my opinion.
not_morrison_rm, Jun 19 2011

       Two examples of things similar to this:

- You often see advertisements for a "Massive Golf Sale" in the UK, which looks like an impromptu clearance sale with bargains galore. In fact this is just golf equipment at normal prices, but sold by "Massive Golf Sale Ltd." - a company based in Surbiton, Surrey.

- There is a train company in the UK called "One". Suppose there is a train service operated by One, departing at 7:40. The poor station announcer then has to read out "The 7:40 One train, departing from platform 2…"
hippo, Jun 19 2011

       This leads to another idea. Use the sign associated with everyday messages but put a different message on it.   

       For instance, supermarkets put out yellow "Caution, Wet Floor" signs when something was spilled. Why not sneak in your own yellow signs but instead advertise your company on it.
painperdu, Jul 14 2011

       I thought the "Rolling Stones" warning sign were there according to a legend about a young Indian chief's son, who ran away from home, and his father "Sitting Bull" posted signs all over in search of his long lost son.
pashute, Dec 05 2012


       For some ineffable reason, this reminds me of the 600,172 shitty college bands named 'Free Beer' (or some simple- minded variation thereof) that have existed in the history of rock music.
Alterother, Dec 05 2012

       insidious. [+]
Voice, Dec 05 2012

       throw caution to the wind I say.
po, Dec 06 2012


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