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More focused method to match sponsor advertising in search engine and web sites
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Matching sponsored advertising in a search engine based on a selected content from the retrieved search result (e.g. user selects sentence from the retrieved search page) that is matched to a predefined sponsored full Boolean query e.g. word1 AND (word2 OR word3) NOT word4. It is a kind of inverse matching of retrieved searched content to a predefined sponsor query relative to the existing methods of matching the user search keywords to predefined sponsored tender words or phrases. The techology can also suit ads for any web site content selection to match a predefined sponsor query. The technology can also suit for using the user search keywords directly to match a predefined sponsor query.
avrishpigel, Sep 23 2014


       Nearly nine months between acquiring your account and your first post or anno on the Halfbakery - a pregnant pause indeed.   

       Welcome to the Halfbakery.
normzone, Sep 23 2014

       By select you mean highlight and copy? When people do that with text from a page, why are they doing it?
bungston, Sep 23 2014

       //user selects sentence from the retrieved search page   

       I am equally confused...as that's what you do when you click on any of the links off a google search page, some of which are presumably paid for...
not_morrison_rm, Sep 23 2014

       I think he means for SEO people.   

       Say you want to come up first on Google with "Fix Electric Bicycles".   

       According to tikotac (which BTW was the name of an old game we used to play in the '70s in Israel, with two sticks and a circle) you get your SEO searchword in two stages. First you type in "fix electric bicycles". Then you click on one of the results. Say this HB entry (which probably will show up from now on if you search google for Fix Electric Bike).   

       You then see a sponsored SEARCH TERM STRING that should be used for SEO. Although it will push you up, it will push the sponsored guys up even more (because they are already tuned to that string). In this example: "Inventions Bicycles Fix" which until now has been sponsored to tie into "Nissim Electronics Electric Bike Fixing". But your store "Xiangsheng, Kenshan City, Electric Bike Parts" can also benefit from it.   

       Not sure I got it right...
pashute, Sep 23 2014

       How about we do the bit where avrishpigel explains in greater detail?   

       <looks at watch, taps foot>
not_morrison_rm, Sep 24 2014

       Avri, you want to try in Hebrew or Yiddish? I can translate.   

       Shana tova, everyone reading and extended wishes for the whole world to have a better year.
pashute, Sep 24 2014

       <looks out of the window, thinks about lunch>
not_morrison_rm, Nov 03 2014

       Avri, could you explain?   

       (You are now number 3 on the waiting list. Expected time 9 months. Thank you for your patience and for using the HB annotation system)
pashute, Nov 04 2014


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