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uses for dogs that glow in the dark

there are now more reasons to have a dog
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About ten years ago, a bored artist in Chicago suggested that scientists extract the part of the DNA from jellyfish that produces florescent green protein and insert it into a dog’s DNA to see if it can be done. This started a decade-long, international race by scientists to achieve this remarkable objective. Yesterday, scientists in Korea announced that they created a litter of puppies that can have a red glow in the dark. While everyone seems pleased, it occurred to me that there must be something more than goal achievement resulting from this strange decade-long behavior of scientists. So, I’ve been trying to come up with practical uses for dogs that glow-red in the dark. Mind you, the original suggestion was for green-glowing dogs, so finding uses for dogs that glow red in the dark is even more challenging due to the color change.

A practical use for a red-glowing dog is to employ these dogs as red-light walking torches or flashlights in city streets and rural roads. The glowing dog-torch could delay global warming of our planet by substituting carbon based fuel used to power the enormous number of street lights now in use. Instead of oil or coal, the streets could be made safe by dog-food or dinner leftovers.

The dogs would also provide companionship to lonely persons as well as provide an acceptable reason to be approached by strangers. Who knows how many marriages or long-term relationships can be started by merely walking a red-glowing dog down the street.

I think our future has finally arrived, our carbon load reduced and our society safe from shattered families.

el dueno

el dueno, May 01 2009

More glow doggy ideas Luminous_20Dog_20Shit
[coprocephalous, May 01 2009]


       Dog #%@&
normzone, May 01 2009

       I don't think that Eduardo Kac was a "bored artist".
xenzag, May 01 2009

       Mine dogs, Lassie at night, Drugs in the dark snif dogs, glowing hot dogs, glowing corn dogs, porn dogs (it rymes). You could have been creative.   

zeno, May 01 2009

       Didn't we already do glow-in-the-dark dog turds?   

       el shit-for-brains
coprocephalous, May 01 2009

       Surely they'll only glow under UV light?
Wrongfellow, May 01 2009

       Yes, they are fluorescent rather than luminous - the frequency of the light is so high that only dog fur can pick it up.
There are other fluorescent pets, notably budgies, and they don't need genetic modification. They do it already.
OK, got one: it would be easier for some partially-sighted people to see fluorescent guide dogs if their homes were equipped with ultraviolet lamps. They could wear dark glasses to protect their eyes. Dunno about melanoma though.
nineteenthly, May 01 2009

       They might make it easier to avoid bumping into blind people in the dark.
Noexit, May 01 2009

bungston, May 01 2009

       [m-f-d] list?
Germanicus, May 02 2009


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