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very close unsafe

Educate population that safe can be a few layers away. City centre nuclear waste.
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Peak uncontrolled energy in the central business district.

Safe is a concept in the mind. We all travel at 100km/hr in a four wheeled tin can. Leaping, would it not be possible to dispose of nuclear waste in the CBD.

Take any large earthquake deflecting buildings, weld in multilayered lead lined containment and store nuclear waste.

This waste is easy accessible for future processing but teaches the population that unsafe is just a few layers away.

Just like the a thin latex, nitrile or neoprene barriers from the known and all the now and future unknowns.

wjt, Mar 23 2021


       // [...] lead lined containment [...] thin latex, nitrile or neoprene barriers//   

       So, nuclear waste as a teaching aid for careful condom use?
pertinax, Mar 23 2021

       Storing nucelar waste in used condoms?
pocmloc, Mar 23 2021

       We can store nuclear waste in a city. Engineering can give us a wall of safety.
wjt, Mar 23 2021

       You *can* do that, but is it more, or equally efficient? I don't know how much it costs to dig a big old hole, but it might be less than the cost of insuring against a class-action suit at some point in the next 1000 years for locating toxic waste in a central business district.   

       You've also got to figure out a safe way to transport your nuclear waste from outside the CBD where it's produced (normally in relatively remote locations) through all the residential commuter belt areas, into the centre of town without accident or spillage.   

       Then again, they're going to have to think of something to do with all that commercial real estate now everyone's working from home, so it probably is the time to brainstorm a few ideas. I was going for theatre, maker spaces, and indoor sports facilities, but toxic waste is another one for the list of possibles I suppose.
zen_tom, Mar 23 2021

       Just think of the cheap heat source potential.
RayfordSteele, Mar 23 2021

       //dispose of nuclear waste in the CBD.// <immediately thinks "uranium cannabidiol - maybe it will decrease anxiety">   

       <notices tagline: "These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.">   

       <thinks: "radical, dudes - probly oughtta try it, man">
lurch, Mar 23 2021

       Secure everything to a pallet, easy to move from place to place. Label it anything but "Nuclear Waste"; "Human Feces" would guarantee that it would be where ya left it a half-life ago. [+]
whatrock, Mar 23 2021

       bizarre [+] pointless [-]
Voice, Mar 23 2021

       I read somewhere that there is serious concern as to creating a glyph which would mark an area as radioactive in such a way that future generations of Australopithecus would stay away in case we knock ourselves back to the stone age.   

       If we incorporate it into buildings in cities, and the shit ever hit the fan... we'd be SO screwed when those buildings collapsed.   

       Or, we could use a form of nuclear power generation that doesn't create so much waste. But no governments want to, because the better methods (thorium bed, etc) don't have the useful (ie. weapons-grade) by-products.
neutrinos_shadow, Mar 23 2021

       Or, we could just blame the typical cause: NIMBY + excessive bureaucracy.
RayfordSteele, Mar 24 2021

       //we'd be SO screwed when those buildings collapsed.// We currently have steel containment vessels that keep inconsequential stuff safe.   

       My thinking goes like this. A more advanced civilization will have vastly more power at it's disposal. To use and control that power it has to be either be engineered safe or be socialized safe. The human race has to have new behaviours and be comfortable around severe power.   

       Get people use to the concept that to weld great power requires a thin veil of safety. Hence something frightening a few layers away from some of *business' top minds.   

       That handheld granite plasticizer, powered by a small nuclear device with enough power to level a city block, is just another tool to support humanity's endeavors.
wjt, Mar 25 2021

       //some of business's top minds//   

       We're assuming here that business' top minds are too stupid to move somewhere safer?
pertinax, Mar 25 2021

       They should be able to hug the design if they want. Remember, a thin layer of safety is safe.
wjt, Mar 26 2021

       // a thin layer of safety is safe// It is, until someone has the bright idea to take advantage of the inherent entropic instability. It's like having a boulder deliberately poised at the top of a cliff above a small town - all it takes is one idiot with a lever.
zen_tom, Mar 26 2021

       Anything is safe until the right conditions/events, in hind sight are shown to be unsafe. Slightly different but there was a building in Christchurch NZ, all signed off and to everyone's knowledge safe, until it wasn't.   

       Safe is a thin veneer, we have to try and take all the precautions but also have to get use to the idea that more power is being built on the other side of the line.
wjt, Mar 26 2021

       [wjt]; on the one hand, yes, but no-one was expecting an earthquake of that magnitude here; Christchurch was supposed to be relatively "low risk". Also, there were other dodgy things going on with the CTV building (quality, engineers quals, etc...) so you got a building that wasn't designed well, receiving a shake it wouldn't have been designed for anyway, even if it WAS to-spec. The "house of cards" result was devastatingly unexpected.
neutrinos_shadow, Mar 28 2021

       True but there will also be designs, that lie millimeters from failure, that will probably never see their critical situations and no one will ever know. Such is a safe life.
wjt, Apr 01 2021


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