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waste expulsion

send waste into atmosphere to be dropped so friction burns it away
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is landfill a problem near u, why not fire it up into space so it is burnt up on re-entry, problems would be cost but could also be source of entainment on clear nights,

how would nucleur waste react with this?

edski, Apr 04 2001


       The nuclear waste would be fine. *We* would eventually suffer heavy metal and radiation poisoning.
hello_c, Apr 04 2001

       It's inefficient. The heat energy produced by the engines used to fire it into space would be less than the heat energy absorbed during the destructive reentry. In short, it's quicker to anchor the rocket to the pad, place the rubbish underneath it, switch the engines on and watch it burn.   

       This method has actually been proposed for hazardous waste disposal.
martin, Apr 04 2001

       fair enough
edski, Apr 04 2001


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