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virtual mouse

Any surface is your touchpad
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Pretend like you are using a real mouse, and a camera interprets your hand movements and finger gestures. An index finger tap would be a left click, middle finger tap a middle click, ring finger tap a right click, middle finger drag a scroll. There are several vantage points where the camera may be situated. It could be a stationary position near the surface, a birds eye view from the top of a monitor, or a close-up view from the bottom of the user's palm. The best camera position should be determined by experiments.

The benefit of this device is that it's more portable than a traditional mouse.

rhatta, Oct 09 2004

Vision Based Gesture Recognition (PDF) http://www.cs.ucsb....gesture_current.pdf
"Hand gestures provide a unique and powerful method of controlling computer software" [half, Oct 09 2004]

Gesture Recognition Systems report http://www.google.s...22no+mouse%22&hl=sv
mentions Tom Cruise in "Minority Report" [FarmerJohn, Oct 09 2004]

Virtual keyboard http://www.ananova....enu=news.technology
may go well with this [rhatta, Oct 10 2004]


       Sounds expensive, but good. Welcome to the HB. Though they do have these that track your eye movements and use blinks as clicks.
DesertFox, Oct 09 2004

       I think rhatta may have been around longer than you DF. strange times!
po, Oct 09 2004

       well my account got lost with the crash so I look new :)
rhatta, Oct 10 2004

       d'oh! the link i just added points to a baked example.
rhatta, Oct 10 2004

       "using a real mouse" - one that wriggles and runs about eating crumbs...?   

       But whatever technology you use, I want a something that is tied to what I am clicking on - no more abstract wave your hands about over here to do something over there.
DrCurry, Oct 10 2004

       Products like these have been in use for years. We use one system for CAD design, where 2 cameras capture 3D information (e.g., position of your hand). Some cheap similar products exist - like a projection keyboard - where the entire keyboard is projected onto any surface, and sensors detect your fingers doing key taps.
mostwired, Oct 10 2004

       It sounds like you could use a "bluescreen" app with a webcam or 2 pointed at your monitor, or a piece of posterboard with target locations on it. Should give a very "natural" feeling interface.
rallen71366, Dec 18 2005


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