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waist watch for goldfish

fashion accessory for your pet fish
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the myth is now exploded that fish only have a 3 second memory. the obvious next step for the caring pet owner is to equip his/her pet with a watch as a first step to teaching the time. it seems the most comfortable place for a fish to wear its watch is around its middle.

it needs to be waterproof, obviously.

po, Oct 01 2003

exploding the myth.. http://www.plym.ac..../view.asp?page=6677

Look! No neck! http://www.goldfish...ral.htm#colorchange
Click on the link "Ick like spots that do not go away" or "Fins" for diagram [squeak, Oct 21 2004]

Foam Bath Fish Time http://www.savetz.c...ime/fishtime.cgi?-6
[Amos Kito]

boom boom http://www.flicks.c...sil_brush/basil.htm [po, Oct 21 2004]

How many eggs a fly lays https://www.answers...y_in_their_lifetime
[Voice, May 11 2019]


       How are they going to see the watch's face?
squeak, Oct 01 2003

       they should be able to skew their neck around to see the face on their stomach ok.
po, Oct 01 2003

       Or ask a finned friend.   

       Will it acquire an hourglass waist?
FarmerJohn, Oct 01 2003

       Goldfish aint that bendy [po]. Why not have a minature waterproof clock stuck to the inside of the aquarium glass? Appropriately themed, naturally. 10 bubbles to lights on, quarter to feeding time etc.
squeak, Oct 01 2003

       Time telling is relatively advanced. Ordinary counting is usually preliminary to it. I suggest those plastic magnetic numbers attached to the side of the tank. Get your goldfish counting to ten first.
PeterSilly, Oct 01 2003

       To twelve surely?   

       See link for fishy diagram and advice on keeping the little loves in good health.
squeak, Oct 01 2003

       if they have a 3 month memory as outlined in the link, then some kind of fishy diary is probably in order. They can obviously remember their appointments in the next few months, but beyond that, it's safer for Bob to write it down. +
jonthegeologist, Oct 01 2003

       Hell, if they can remember their appointments for the next few DAYS, they're still doing better than me.
squeak, Oct 01 2003

       The watch faces should be mirror-image, so they can view the reflection.
waugsqueke, Oct 01 2003

       why can't they just look at the wall clock like everyone else ?
pjd, Oct 01 2003

       I think a PDA would be more appropriate. A Pond Pilot?
phoenix, Oct 01 2003

       I think a lap timing function would be useful for them, for races and the like (+). They'd need a waterproof guide book too, until they got aquainted with how it works.
neilp, Oct 01 2003

       I want little clocks implanted in my fish so I could tell the time by looking at the aquarium.
Eugene, Oct 01 2003

       Many fish are transparent, so you could get them to swallow a clock. Or maybe you could build the clock inside the fish, like you build a boat inside a bottle. Actually, it would be interesting to build a boat inside a fish. And there could be a clock on the boat.
pluterday, Oct 01 2003

       a clock on a boat in a bottle inside the fish..
po, Oct 02 2003

       Then you could put the fish in a bottle and take it sailing.
Worldgineer, Oct 02 2003

       don't forget the message.
po, Oct 02 2003

       "How are they going to see the clock's face?"   

       Have the fish ask his bowlmates to read him the time.   

       Where's FJ to design the fishclock?
RayfordSteele, Oct 03 2003

       Just us chickens here.
FarmerJohn, Oct 03 2003

       <aside>two fish in a tank, one says to the other, you man the guns, I'll drive</aside>
neilp, Oct 04 2003

       Boom boom.
egbert, Oct 04 2003

       Whenever a deadline or another human invented concept (like time) get me stressed out, I often say (to myself usually) that I wish I were someone's pet: they don't have to worry about anything besides being fed and loving their masters.   

       I would never attempt bringing human worries to an animal. THat would be unfair and would kill my perfect idea of re-incarnation (sp?).
Pericles, Oct 04 2003

       When killing a fly, I have sometimes wondered if is a reincarnated investment banker or mother of twelve.
FarmerJohn, Oct 05 2003

       priorities though, what about the bicycle?
notripe, May 10 2019

       Why did I imagine a wrist watch with a live goldfish? It would have to be a tiny variety that doesn't exist so would have to be bred.
wjt, May 11 2019

       Halfbakery, thanks for the laugh. You guys are awesome
Voice, May 11 2019

       [notripe] <waves>
po, May 13 2019


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