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for those cold rainy days
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If you live in England, or anywhere with a similar climate, you'll know that generally with rain come cold weather. the umbrella hand always gets cold, so I find myself constanly switching hands and putting the other in my pocket.

The warmbrella has a heated coil in the core of the handle which runs off the energy of the rechargable battery. Very simple to do, and easly made weatherproof.

Was contemplating incorporating some sort of hair dryer mechanism that blows on you when you flip it open, but this im afraid cannot so easily be made weatherproof. Anyone got suggestions on a similar (less fatal) alternative?

shinobi, Dec 28 2006

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       Try the Michael Jackson approach, wear one glove.
Chefboyrbored, Dec 28 2006

       Very fortunate there was a second half to that sentance.
Germanicus, Dec 28 2006

       Less Fatal Alternatives:   

       Carry gloves as well as your umbrella with you when the weather turns cold.   

       Glue an ambidextrous mitten to the umbrella handle so it won't get lost. Ever.   

       Carry a spare sock to slip onto your umbrella hand.   

       Hire a homeless person to follow you around holding your umbrella for you. (Allow them to wear a spare sock as a glove).   

       Move to a country where the rain is always warm.   

       Wear a poncho.   

       Wear an umbrella hat and keep both hands in your pockets.   

       <Now, aren't you sorry you asked?>
Canuck, Dec 28 2006

       We have done heated umbrellas before, I seem to recall. Though maybe not: I can only find tangental references.
DrCurry, Dec 28 2006

       Anything aimed at preventing the state of being both cold and wet gets my croissant [+]
jenifemeral, Dec 30 2006


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