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Voice Forum

Why Type?
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Can't be bothered to think too hard,

but anyway my idea is to have a forum where to create a post, you hold space down and speak into the mic.

The clip would then be posted on a the forum.

To hear/pause all forum post, just press shift. Voice recognition would be used to quickly jot down the first 10 sec of the speech.

(Sub idea...: Make this service like chatmaker.net where you can just give a friend a link, and they can post anonymously if they want. For example quickly organizing a meeting next week!)

Ahhh... soo sleepy

mofosyne, Apr 08 2008

Halfbakery Soundbytes This idea, applied to this website. I think my criticism of that applies equally to this. [notexactly, Apr 16 2018]


       There are telephone forums (fora? forii?) in existence already, although I don't think they've had anything like the success of the typed ones.
DrCurry, Apr 08 2008

       Speech is linear, text is non-linear. This means that you can instantly present a navigable information tree visually in a way that you cannot audibly. If you don't understand what I mean, try calling a telephone banking system with forty-odd options in the menu, then imagine the same menu presented on a web page.
wagster, Apr 08 2008

       You should also type out the first few words of your post, so that the posts can be indexed in a searchable, listable way instead of just speaker icons.
phundug, Apr 08 2008

       "Speech is linear, text is non-linear." Nothing personal but, "Bullshit!"   

       Please let us not be limited by the limited imaginations of the drones who design voicemail systems. Nor indeed by the grammatical poverty of the average forum denizen.
DrCurry, Apr 08 2008


       Please let us not be limited by the limited imaginations
normzone, Apr 08 2008

       Not exactly bullshit, [DrC]. Both are linear, but text lends itself better to fast non-linear presentation. And I'm fairly sure that the reason that phone menus are such a nightmare probably isn't that everyone who's tried to improve them over the last thirty years is a complete numpte. You could of course prove me wrong here...
wagster, Apr 09 2008

       Forum posts are linear and do not have menus, he is not suggesting that the entire website navigation would be spoken.
marklar, Apr 09 2008

       I suppose it could work then - it would still be slower though.
wagster, Apr 09 2008


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