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weight loss cold tub

water tub for losing weight
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cooling down to lose weight has been a thing for a long time.

the core of this idea is to create a cooling system that has very very precise and fine control so that you can achieve AND SUSTAIN a temperature that will not make you feel too cold over the course of a few hours.

the body can lose a tremendous amount of calories trying to maintain warmth. this is an especially effective weight loss method for those who cannot move well like the obese or disabled, who sometimes cannot move at all.

sit in the tub, and burn calories and ordinarily you would feel great discomfort and too much sensation of cold.

with this idea, you get to manipulate the temperature to within a half degree faranheit , with the water changing temperature at extreme speeds.

this kind of tub would have to be engineered to contain not very much water , perhaps as much as your average bath tub. it would have to be shaped like a jacuzzi with seat to be comfortable for long periods of time. AND the heating/cooling system would have to be dramatically advanced. something as expertly engineered for comfort as a Japanese electric toilet seat.

teslaberry, Jul 14 2015


       Customize it to particular said fat person. But would be better if it were a water-filled bag the person could just step into. Or maybe just one of those NASA body temperature fluid suit thingies.
RayfordSteele, Jul 14 2015

       I cleaned the walls of a cold pool one time. Spent about four hours in water cool enough to make you shiver just a little bit.   

       I think it killed some my gut bacteria and I had various moderate digestion problems for about a week after. Surprise!   

       A Nurse or Doctor next door might be a good idea for this sort of weight loss via cooling business. At least until you know what to expect.
popbottle, Jul 14 2015

       There are numerous proponents of cold therapy for weight loss, and suspected links with activation or growth of brown adipose tissue.   

       This is known to exist, not sure how widely, however.
Custardguts, Jul 14 2015

       Yeah, but it's still in other:general.
normzone, Jul 14 2015


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