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whatsapp wherewasi

Reminding me where I was on whatsapp
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This browser addon tells me where I started writing something and what it was. Or what I just read and didn't have a chance to reply to.

I can pin down and add a quick comment (AI perhaps can be helpful here, if and when it gets a bit better).

Once I finish it marks that chat with a V.

If I scrolled back to some old conversation it knows how many pages I scrolled up (on the phone) and could show me which post I was looking at when I got the phone call at the same minute that my reminder rang and I smelled the food which I forgot on the fire.

Or if I simply answered somebody, and want to return to viewing the stupid videos on the choir's chat.

pashute, Nov 01 2023


       I don't use that app, but if I did, ANYTHING that helps us with bad eyesight and missing glasses, and memory loss, could well benefit from a "v". And thank you for thinking of me.
blissmiss, Nov 02 2023


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